Melodious notes cutting through the air
Shutting out all feelings of anger and despair
Soothing tunes meant for a quiet dance
Putting people in a deep trance

Images form in my mind, things I'll never really see
I follow when I hear it wherever it has to take me
I fall into a dream world I'll nev
er really reach
And when I snap out of it, to go back I beseech

When I hear it the strings in my heart are played
When it stops I am left dazzled yet dismayed
Whether nostalgic or happy, modern or classic,
The enchantment never stops, Music!

Malini Srikrishna

The little girl
Once there was a girl
Whose name was Berl
Who kept scoring low
And couldn't even tie a bow!
You may think she was a waste
But in art she had a good taste
Like an artist she drew
And didn't notice how time flew!
Due to her drawing
She never kept studying
Due to her interest in illustrations
She scored less and got into depressions!
Finally her mom said
"Start studying or off with your head"
With this she went away
And thinking on the sofa Berl lay!
She thought about this everyday
And about studying till one day
Finally she thought about scoring
And the key was to start studying
She started to study till late night
In the great darkness with a small light
With all her effort she did it
And finally  the top she hit!
So however hard she works
To study and draw forks
She now always comes first
And stays there glittering never to burst!

Written By: Prakruthi Harihar,
VII Std 'D' Sec.
SKCH (Sri Kumaran Children's Home)

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