Naxalism making a huge dent into Chhattisgarh GDP: Raman

Naxalism making a huge dent into Chhattisgarh GDP: Raman

Naxalism making a huge dent into Chhattisgarh GDP: Raman

Chief Minister Raman Singh today admitted that the problem of Naxalism is putting a huge dent into the GDP of Chhattisgarh, as the government has to spend huge amount of money towards rebuilding infrastructure and inducting police personnel.

Singh was in the city today as his government has decided to provide training to 35 of its senior officers at Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) to understand the nuances of infrastructure development under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model.
The three-day training workshop began today at the premier institute here.

During his interaction with the media, Singh admitted that infrastructure development in his state is a big challenge due to the Naxal problem.

"Naxal problem left a huge impact on our GDP. When I took over as the CM, there were around 23,000 policemen in our force. We had to invest a huge amount in recruiting new force, which now stands at around 67,000 personnel," said Singh while replying to a query.

"In Chhattisgarh, it is a monumental task for us to build infrastructure (due to naxalism). For example, to build a 17-km long road, it took two years and lives of five jawans. It takes too much of money to rebuild roads and bridges, which Naxals frequently blow up," said Singh.

On his vision for Chhattisgarh and ways to tackle the problem, Singh stated that development holds the key to it.

"Our main focus is to increase connectivity. I firmly believe that connectivity will pave way for development and eventually benefit those who are against us. Development is the answer to Naxal problem," said Singh.

According to Singh, he will visit various other states, including non-BJP ruled ones, to learn the best practices and apply it in his state to strengthen it.

"Just like Gujarat, me and my team will visit other states to study their development model and apply them in our state. In Gujarat, I am interested to know more about Riverfront project, GIFT city, river linking project and power reforms. It will help us to apply at our end," said Singh.

Giving details about today's visit and the training workshop  for his officers, Singh stated that his focus is to develop Chhattisgarh's infrastructure on PPP model, as just the government cannot invest all the funds for that purpose.

"During this three-day workshop, our officers will learn about various aspects of PPP model implementation from IIM-A experts. We are banking on PPP model because the state alone can not invest huge money. We want support from private players for the development of our resources," Singh said.

One of the major PPP projects which is coming up in the state is a 450-km long railway corridor at the cost of Rs 8000 crore, he said.

"We are also planning to introduce PPP model in other sectors, such as health, education, public distribution system and procurement of agri-commodities. We want IIM-A to teach us about how we can bring down the losses and make our projects viable," Singh further said.

He also expressed confidence that Chhattisgarh will be among India's top four states in next five years due to its pro-industry and pro-people policies.

Singh also stated that he will hold a meeting with Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel during the day to know more about the 'Gujarat Model' and apply it to 'Chhattisgarh Model'.

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