Beckoned by bay

Beckoned by bay

Beckoned by bay

Tucked in one corner of Raheja Arcade, near the Forum Mall junction in Koramangala, is the cosy and classy place ‘Bayleaf’ — an authentic North Indian restaurant. Started in 2000 and the place is known for its ambience and the wholesome buffet it offers.

The ambience is very unusual, with hanging lights that give the place a romantic touch. Foodies can also enjoy a mix of the classic and the latest tunes. Its spacious seating makes it an ideal place for office outings and family get-togethers. 

It serves both á-la-carte and buffet. For those who want to relish authentic North Indian dishes, ‘Bayleaf’ is the right choice.

The menu is categorised as ‘shorba’ or soups, ‘chaats’ or salads, ‘shuruaat’ or appetiser, main course, ‘raitas’, rice and sides, breads, ‘mithai chaska’ or desserts and ‘thandai’ or Indian specialities.

Mridul, the manager of the restaurant, says, “We have customers who have been visiting us since the year 2000 and that really motivates us. People enjoy the food and our service; we aim to satisfy their need for fine-dining.”

The most popular food items on their menu are ‘tawa chicken’, ‘tandoori khumbh’, ‘shorbas’, ‘angari murg’, ‘tandoori chicken’ and prawns — the signature dish. “Mostly, we see families and the IT crowd coming in, in particular during the evenings and for lunch,” adds Mridul.

The buffet, which is the latest addition to the menu, has been gaining popularity among the visitors. “We were closed for a while for renovation purposes and re-opened only last November. We have added buffet to our menu and also reduced our prices so everyone can afford it and relish on good food with great service,” he explains.

‘Bayleaf’ is located at 1, Raheja Arcade, Koramangala. For details, call 9986333184.