Laying the foundation right

Laying the foundation right

Laying the foundation right
Using the right kind of foundation gives that perfectly flawless and natural looking skin by hiding any imperfections like scars, pigmentations or spots. Not only does it add a rosy glow to your skin, but also acts as a protective shield from harsh elements like the sun, pollution, air conditioning and the like.

It is essential to use a foundation to create the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup so that you can look your luminous best, during the day or night. Achieving the perfect finish without looking cakey or overdone is a daily struggle for many women. The first step to attaining the skin tone you have been dreaming of is investing in the following basics:

n Foundation
n Concealer
n Primer or moisturiser
n Brush or sponge (you can use your
finger if you prefer)
n Compact

Once you have your basics in place, follow these six simple tips to master the art of creating the perfect base for an enviable skin tone and texture.

Pick well
The first and most important step to a perfect finish is to choose the shade that matches your skin perfectly. The vast number of foundations (liquid or pressed) in a store might leave you confused. But fret not – experiment with varied shades by swiping them along your jawline to check which shade matches your complexion best. Make sure to test the shade in natural light as overhead lighting in stores can cast unattractive shadows.

Wipe it clean
Prep your skin by cleansing your face with gentle cleansing foam. If you are on the go, you can also use moisturising face wipes to cleanse your face and neck of any dust or grime.

Soak it up
Before you put on the foundation, use a primer to create a base. A primer will help the foundation stay on your skin for longer and also prevent patches or an uneven result. If you do not have a primer, a lightweight moisturiser acts perfectly well as a substitute. Ensure that you allow five minutes for the moisturiser/ primer to completely soak into your skin before applying the foundation.

Blend it in
This is the most important step of all - mastering the perfect technique of applying the foundation on to your skin. Start by evenly dabbing small amounts of liquid foundation on to your face. Focus on the centre of your face – start with the nose, mouth, chin and centre of the forehead and blend thin layers into your skin by working outwards from the middle of your face. Use your fingers or a soft sponge to perfectly mix the foundation in. Ensure you do not ignore your neck or else you will end up with a differently toned face and neck. Generously blend in the foundation on your neck by starting from the base and then move up with light, long strokes.

Hiding act
After applying a coat of foundation, it is essential to conceal the problem areas on your face. While choosing a concealer, it is recommended to pick a shade lighter than your foundation. Apply the concealer with a small brush on to the darkest parts of your under-eye circles and lightly blend it with the foundation layer.

If other areas of your skin aren’t covered with foundation properly, you can dab on a little concealer for a smooth finish. Concentrate on your nose, the edges of your mouth and blemishes or acne, if any. It is preferred to apply the concealer after applying foundation because the areas that need to be highlighted or concealed can only be properly seen after fully applying the foundation.

Finishing touch
In order to keep the foundation and concealer in place, it is recommended to finish off by applying compact or pressed powder. Wait for a few minutes to let the foundation and concealer set; use a large powder brush to dust on some powder onto your face. Choose the shade of powder that matches the slightly darker areas of your face where the harsh sun tends to hit you the most. If your T-zone tends to get shiny, swirl a translucent powder over your nose, chin and forehead.

These six thumb rules for makeup basics are foolproof, easy to follow and are suitable for every occasion. Sticking to them will ensure you flaunt a flawless and radiant skin, always.

(The author is a beauty expert from the House of Shiseido)