Infosys announces three new service offerings: Ai, Ki and Do

Infosys announces three new service offerings: Ai, Ki and Do

Infosys announces three new service offerings: Ai, Ki and Do

Infosys on Thursday announced three enhanced service offerings called Ai, Ki, and Do in design thinking, platforms and knowledge-based IT (KBIT). These will be delivered by its consulting and services units .

As per a release, these services are aimed at helping clients address three key aspects of their business like  non-disruptive renewal and simplification of their existing landscapes; introduction of new offerings and business models in a dynamic business environment; and creating a culture of innovation in their organisations.

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka said he is very excited to announce the three service offerings. “This is an important step to further accelerate the execution of our strategy to renew existing services and move into entirely new areas, as well as to tie together our existing service lines to the strategic priorities of our clients,” he said.

“Ai, Ki and Do combine into Aikido, the east Asian martial arts, and will help combine the knowledge and energy in an enterprise towards its strategic path and priorities,” said Sikka. Ki, which is the first among the service, is knowledge-based management and evolution of landscapes which captures the knowledge within an organisation. Ki is a large-scale, modular service to help renew enterprise landscapes.

The services in this space include knowledge-based IT strategy, knowledge curation services, knowledge-based cost optimisation, and knowledge-based innovation.

Do refers to the service offering on design thinking and design-led initiatives that will provide Infosys the framework for finding, understanding and defining the problems that are most important to clients and their businesses.

The services under this track will include strategic design consulting, transformational digital experiences and enablement of a future workforce. The Ki and Do services will be offered by Infosys Consulting.

Ai refers to platforms, and platforms as a service to build intelligent solutions. Ai is about platforms that help to harmonise and unify the disjointed initiatives in enterprises.

Ai includes Infosys information platform, service automation platforms (including the Infosys Automation Platform, Panaya and other offerings in the Engineering services, BPO and testing space), mobile platforms based on Skava and the Edge suite of cloud-hosted business platforms and software products offered as ‘pay-as-you-use’ services.