Prometric tests CAT hopefuls' patience

Prometric tests CAT hopefuls' patience

First it was computer goof-ups; now it is timing shift with 24 hours to go

Prometric tests CAT hopefuls' patience

With less than 24 hours to go for the rescheduled tests for candidates who were affected by the inefficiency of the first phase, the testing firm has come out with a last minute “urgent announcement.”

The second phase of the test for around 10,000 rescheduled candidates on both Saturday and Sunday has been delayed by two hours. Candidates who were originally asked to report at 8:30 am for the test have now been asked to arrive at 10 am with their tests pushed to 12 pm. According to a typically unattributed communication from the firm, the reason for the delay has been put down to adverse weather across India.

“Due to potential adverse weather conditions across parts of India, and to further protect the integrity and security of the CAT, Prometric and the IIMs will be changing the morning session to start at 12:00 pm. Candidates scheduled for this session need to arrive at their test centres by 10:00 am for security and identity checks. Please note that the timing of the afternoon session remains unchanged,” the statement read.

Rescheduled candidates in parts of the country unaffected by bad weather are wondering why the communication was late. They have also questioned the necessity for delaying the test across all centres. Kavitha (name changed), a student whose test has been rescheduled for the fourth time for Saturday questioned the necessity to have a uniform schedule.

“For candidates who live in the city the delay in both the test and announcement does not matter. But for students who come from far, the late communication is a source of unnecessary stress for candidates from other towns and cities,” Kavitha said. She received the communication about the delay only late on Friday afternoon and was unsure if all rescheduled candidates got it.

Further with Prometric choosing to remaining incommunicado except for unilateral releases, there is still uncertainity over how many rescheduled candidates received the communication about the delay.