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Double treat
Last Updated 23 August 2015, 18:34 IST

Two projects releasing on the same day could make anyone nervous. But actress Meghana Raj says that she couldn’t have been happier with two of her films hitting the screens on the same day.

“I don’t intend to dwell on the outcome but I hope people will accept both the films. I think every actor must feel this rush at least once in his or her lifetime,” she says.

   She points out that it would be unrealistic to compare the two movies because the subjects are totally different and set in two different times. “It wouldn’t be fair to compare the two projects because I’ve consciously chosen to work on characters that are very unique and indeed different,” she says. She also says that she has chosen roles that aren’t repetitive.

In ‘Aatagara’, directed by KM Chaitanya, Meghana dons the role of a super model. “It’s not only the storyline that is unique. Every character in the story has a definite purpose and is strong in its own way,” she says. She also reveals that she had to work really hard to shed those extra kilos. The film is produced by Dwarakish Chitra and she says that she not only enjoyed working on the character but the team was taken care of very well by the producer. “There was a lot of warmth among the members of the cast. Although, every actor is established in his or her own way, there was a lot of mutual respect and we were all willing to learn from each other and were open to criticism as well,” she states.

Meghana is also working on ‘Vamshodharaka’ opposite Vijay Raghavendra. “I essay the role of an educated woman who also happens to be a teacher. She works towards changing a lot of things in a tiny village that has everything in plenty except educated and well-informed people and Vijay also has a similar role and mission in the movie,” she says.

Sharing her experience of working with Vijay, Meghana confesses that she found him to be an extremely down-to-earth and humble person. “There are only a few people in the Kannada film industry who can actually act and Vijay is one of them. You would never find him throwing any tantrums on the sets. He always appears calm and composed,” she narrates. 

Meghana has also attempted a very unique character called Mayadevi in ‘Allama’, a project that traces the life of a mystic saint called Allama Prabhu.

(Published 23 August 2015, 14:11 IST)

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