'Sheena is Indrani's daughter'

Twist in tale: Mikhail Bora comes forward, claims to be Indrani's son
Last Updated 26 August 2015, 19:22 IST

A day after the arrest of Indrani Mukherjea, wife of former Star Network CEO Peter Mukherjea, in Mumbai on charges of killing her “sister”, Mikhail Bora, who claimed to be her son, made a startling revelation on Wednesday that Sheena, the victim, was in fact Indirani’s daughter.

Mikhail, who stays in Guwahati with his grand parents, said he has evidence to prove that Indrani was their mother. He said they allowed her to hide this fact since she was paying for the their studies and daily needs.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Mikhail, 25, said Indrani kept the mother-daughter relationship in dark to save herself from the slander in her high-class society.

Family sources said Indrani was born to Upendra Kumar Bora and Durga Rani Bora. Her father hailed from Tezpur and mother from Sivsagar. Within the family, she was known as Pari. She studied in Guwahati at St Mary’s School and went to Shillong for higher education. After completing her degree from Shillong, she went to Jamshedpur in search of work. Then she moved to New Delhi.

Sources further added that it was during Indrani’s Shillong days that she got involved in an “intimate” relationship. In 1990, after the birth of Mikhail Bora, she abandoned both the children and went to Mumbai.

Mikhail said he had not seen his mother during childhood. “It was only when I was in 10th standard that we got the news that our mother had married Peter Mukherjea. Then we came to know about her whereabouts.”

Mikhail and Sheena were brought up by their grandparents. Mikhail, who was working in New Delhi in the aviation industry, is now in Guwahati.

“Me and my grandparents were facing terrible financial constraints after I passed my HSLC. Then I wrote a letter to her seeking help for me and my sister’s further studies, she agreed for it and was sending money till August 2015,” he said.

“I met her (Indrani) twice– once in 2004 in Kolkata and second time in Mumbai. Once she called us inside her chamber and said she can’t introduce us as her children because she is part of a high-class society and introducing us as her children will demean her in her society. She also said that she will introduce us as her younger brother and sister. We had no other option than accepting this as she was supporting us financially,” Mikhail added.

Mikhail said whenever he called Indrani in the past one year, she used to disconnect it saying she was busy. Indrani last visited Guwahati in October 2012 when her mother was sick. Mikhail claims to have met Peter Mukherjea twice.

“Since 2012, there was no news of Sheena. I started doubting and called my mother, but after frequent queries, she said if I harass her more, she will stop sending money. So I became silent,” he said.

(Published 26 August 2015, 19:22 IST)

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