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Let us all practice what we preach.
Our beloved Chief Minister B.S.Yedyurappa recently inaugurated a website of Karnataka Government. With this, many who attended the brief function feel that the State Government would be computer savvy and perhaps the Government might take "e-governance' seriously. Such a website should have been launched long ago, considering Bangalore being called IT Capital of India. To one's dismay, many websites belonging to government are not updated. They can be appropriately called 'Cob-websites’! Also, emails sent to secretaries and State Ministers including the Chief Minister remain unanswered. So of what use is the talk of e-governance, websites and computerization by our ministers? Perhaps instead of emails, females might evoke some response!!!!
M V Nahusharaj

Special force to guard Maya memorials
This is with reference to Special force to guard Maya memorials appearing in DH dated 29JAN10. UP CM Mayawati’s obsession for her memorials will never end. Despite Supreme Court objection towards construction or related work in respect of statues the state govt. has gone a step ahead by proposing a bill for exclusively for deploying 1000 security personnel to guard the memorials round the clock at the expense of the tax payers. Planning Commission must deduct this cost in the allocation of central funds. CM Maya’s fetish will last so long she is in the chair. Mulayam Singh has already sounded to demolish memorials once he occupies the CM seat. Either way, to maintain or to bulldoze statues what remains consistent is the cost factor.
Deepak Chikramane

Wishing Mithun good luck
It is indeed glee for the sports lovers of Karnataka that the State cricketer is setting his foot in test cricket (Sensational Mithun in Team India, DH 29 Jan).  Karnataka produced potential cricketers to work for the national duty.  First in the form of a good mixture of potential batsmen like legendary G.R.Visvanath,  all-rounder Roger Binny and wicket keeper-batsman S.M.H.Kirmani and  ace spinner E.A.S.Prasanna and googly expert B.S.Chandrashekar, followed by speedsters Javgal Srinath and Venkatesh Prasad into the national team from Karnataka.  The 20-year-old Abhimanyu Mithun joining legendary Rahul Dravid is the right blend of senior players and the juniors.   After a long gap of both Javgal Srinath and Venkatesh Prasad retired from international cricket, young Mithun, with his inspiring bowling figures in domestic cricket - Ranji Trophy and Duleep Trophy – thankfully the national selectors have recognized his potentiality by selecting him for the test cricket.   His bowling speed of 145 kmph is awe inspiring, could prove nagging to the batsmen who faces his spell.  Wish young Mithun good luck in his test cricket by proving his mettle.

Why all the fuss for an ‘ad’?
It is indeed surprising why the Union government is making such a big fuss about the publication of a government advertisement by the ministry of WCD featuring a retired Pakistani general along with other Indian leaders. Does it justify the PM admonishing MOS Krishna Tirath for the ‘blunder’ when he has never pulled up any minister till now for being involved even in scandalous financial scams? After all it was an indiscretion causing minor embarrassment to the Government. In comparison to the embarrassment caused to the government by the PM’s indiscretion in signing the joint declaration in Sharm-El Sheikh linking India with insurgency in Baluchistan this pales into insignificance. At that time he did not apologize to the nation. Instead he defended it even though his External affairs secretary admitted it was a blunder.
V Venkatasubramanian

Pleasing his domestic supporters
Its clear President Obama is out to please his domestic supporters by resorting to populist measures like banning outsourcing. It is possible that despite the disincentive of tax break withdrawal some companies might still find it cheaper to outsource jobs to India, China and others. Though the number of jobs that are lost due to outsourcing is small, President Obama's move is just symbolic in telling the Americans he is protecting their interests, though it is likely to affect the bottom-line of companies. Banning outsourcing might be politically correct but economically an unwise decision. India should watch keenly such developments and be prepared for alternative plans to protect the BPOs in the country.
D.B.N. Murthy

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