Zoo gets new birds, cub goes to south India

Zoo gets new birds, cub goes to south India

Delhi Zoo has sent the cub of white tiger Vijay to Trivandrum Zoo in an animal exchange programme.

“Sravan, the cub of Vijay, is among three other cubs. The zoo authorities decided to send it to Trivandrum Zoo as a part of the exchange programme with zoos from other states,” said Riaz Ahmed Khan, Curator, Delhi Zoo.

Vijay had turned out to be a star attraction for Delhiites at the zoo after it mauled to death a youth on September 23 last year. The souvenir shop on the zoo premises was also selling miniatures of the white tiger after the incident. Children and their parents had turned out in large numbers to catch a glimpse of Vijay and buy its miniatures. “Four cubs were born to Vijay recently,” said Khan.

In exchange, Delhi Zoo brought two American crocodiles and a variety of birds. American crocodiles can be spotted distinctly with their elongated snouts. This species of crocodiles are paler from other alligators.

“The birds have not been released in the display so far. They have been currently put in the veterinary hospital so that it helps them get acquainted with the change in ambience. According to the protocol, all birds and animals brought from outside the state are put under observation before they are released for display,” said Khan.

The latest additions include four brahminy kites, two rheas and two varieties of owls. While rheas are large, flightless birds with long legs and long necks, brahminy kites are distinctive and contrastingly coloured. These have white heads, breast and black wingtips.

The birds are given their specific kind of diet. Brahminy kites mostly feed on dead fish and rheas depend on insects, small reptiles and rodents. The zoo authorities are now planning to bring two ostriches by December. “It is yet to get finalised,” said Khan. The zoo got migratory birds from Himachal Pradesh in August.