2 held for stabbing neighbour to death

2 held for stabbing neighbour to death

Objected to their drinking

Two labourers have been arrested for the murder of one of their neighbours after he objected to their drunken revelry in south-west Delhi’s Dhansa village, police said.

The two accused identified as Raju, 28, and Mohan, 25, fled the scene immediately after committing the crime on Friday night but were arrested on Saturday evening.

The victim, 30-year-old Rajinder, was one of their neighbours and also a labourer like them, police said.

“Raju and Mohan were returning to their house late at night in an inebriated state. They were shouting and throwing objects here and there, when they reached near the house of Rajinder, he came out of his door and objected to them about their behaviour,” said a police officer.

“After being questioned by Rajinder the duo took offence to it and started beating him. One of them took out a knife from his pocket and repeatedly stabbed the victim,” the police officer added.

Rajinder was taken to hospital where he was declared brought dead, police said.
According to police, the victim sustained multiple injuries in his neck and abdomen.