Police to recreate Sheena crime scene

Police to recreate Sheena crime scene

Murder most foul: Bag recovered from Mukerjeas' Worli residence

Police to recreate Sheena crime scene
The family drama involving the sensational three-year-old murder of Sheena Bora continued on Sunday, with new leads and evidence emerging.

This, even as cops further probed the chequered life of Indrani Mukerjea nee Bora, the wife of TV honcho Peter Mukerjea. On Sunday, a bag was recovered from the garage of the Marlow, the Worli bungalow complex where the Mukerjeas stay. It was apparently meant to be used after the killing of Indrani's son Mikhail Bora.

All three accused were taken to the Gagode Budruk village in the Pen taluka of Maharashtra’s Raigad district on Sunday evening to recreate the scene. However, it could not be done and the teams returned with the accused slated to be produced before the magistrate’s court in Bandra. An attempt will be made to recreate the scene again on Tuesday or Wednesday, with chances of Peter Mukerjea being confronted with Indrani and then Sanjeev.

 Last week, Peter had refused to be confronted by Indrani. On the other hand, Indrani and Sanjeev blamed each other during their confrontation. While Indrani accused her former husband Khanna for Sheena's murder, saying he dragged her into the crime, he said he only agreed to kill Sheena because Indrani had promised she would help him settle his career and reward him handsomely, and that it would also be beneficial for their daughter Vidhi, who now has been adopted by Peter Mukerjea. During interrogation, however, Indrani said of Sheena: “I hated her, but could never kill her.”

A Mumbai Police team is also on its way to Silchar in Assam, where Indrani's first husband and Sheena's biological father Siddhartha Das apparently stays. Das’ brother Shantanu has confirmed that Siddhartha was Sheena and Mikhail's biological father. He added that Siddhartha had not been in touch with his family for 10 years. He is now a tea-estate owner in Tripura. The police will speak to the Das family, and if possible Siddhartha, who can perhaps throw some light on the family's relations.


Sheena Bora was daughter of Indrani Bora with her first husband Siddhartha Das
She was introduced to Peter Mukerjea as Indrani’s younger sister
Sheena went missing from April 24, 2012
Sheena’s body was found in Raigad district on May 23, 2012
She was in a relationship with Rahul Mukerjea, her step-brother and son of Peter Mukerjea


Indrani Bora
Indrani Mukerjea nee Bora
Indrani is wife of TV tycoon Peter Mukerjea
Accused of murdering daughter Sheena Bora
Also accused of planning to bump off Mikhail Bora, her son from Siddhartha Das
In the crime, she had taken help of second husband Sanjeev Khanna and driver Shyam Rai

After her third marriage to Peter Mukerjea, Indrani passed off Sheena and Mikhail as her brothers

Sanjeev Khanna

Kolkata-based businessman and the second husband of Indrani
Sanjeev and Indrani have a daughter Vidhi who was formally adopted by Peter Mukerjea
Sanjeev has admitted to being present in the car, but claimed that he had dozed off
Claims he has been deceived by Indrani for the second time

Shyam Rai

Shyam Rai, the driver was the first to spill the beans
Confessed to being part of the crime with Indrani and Sanjeev Khanna in killing Sheena
Shyam at later stage may be made an approver


Rahul Mukerjea
Rahul is son of Peter Mukerjea with his first wife Shabnam Singh, who is now based in Dehradun
He aspired to become a model
Was in love with Sheena, his step-sister, and wanted to marry her
Indrani was against the relationship and even Peter did not favour it

Mikhail is son of Indrani Bora with first husband Siddhartha Das
 Mikhail has claimed that Indrani as planning to murder him as well
He and sister were not in good terms with Indrani and stayed with grandparents in Guwahati


The car dealer to whom the Opel Corsa car was sold off
The staff of Hotel Hiltop where Sanjeev Khanna stayed
The person who wrote and mailed the resignation letter of Sheena
The person who terminated the leave and licence agreement of Sheena’s Andheri flat
Statement of Ganesh Dhene, who first spotted the body


Skeletal remains of Sheena’s body collected on May 23, 2012

Skeletal remains of Sheena’s body collected on August 29, 2015

Evidence collected from Marlow, the building where Peter Mukerjea stays

Sheena Bora’s passport from Dehradun

The car that was used in murder and later transporting the body from Mumbai to Raigad
Laptop, smartphones of Indrani Bora

Cellphone records of Indrani, Sheena, Mikhail, Sanjeev, Shyam and Rahul


Silence of former Star India CEO Peter Mukerjea in the entire mess

Peter’s changing statements — he first said he didn’t know Sheena was Indrani’s daughter, but later admitted that Sheena only told him besides his own son Rahul, which he did not believe

Was it love, lust, incest or money, or a combination of both?

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