Utterance of 'Om' can trigger controversy: PM

Last Updated 31 August 2015, 16:31 IST
Months after a major row over Yoga Day celebrations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said even utterance of the word 'Om' can be a reason for controversies in the country which has seen "ups and downs" in the realm of ideology.

Modi, while releasing the digital version of Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas here, wondered whether there would be a controversy over the epic also even though there has been none so far.

"Hamare desh mein kai utaar chadav hain, vaicharik dharatal par bhi utaar chadav aye hain. Aaj agar koi 'Om' bol de toh hafte bhar vivad chalta hai ki 'Om' kaise bola ja sakta hai (In our country, there have been ups and downs, including on ideological grounds. Today, if somebody utters 'Om', a controversy rages for a week as to how 'Om' can be
uttered," he said.

He did not elaborate but his comments came months after the Yoga Day celebrations on June 21 which was surrounded by a controversy with several Muslim groups saying they cannot participate in it as they will have to be utter 'Om' as it relates to Hinduism.

"Aise desh mein Ramcharitmanas ko kisi ne question nahi kiya. Woh aaj bhi chal raha hai. Ho sakta hai, aaj ke baad kisi ka dhyaan jaye aur toofan khada kar de. Mai nahi jaanta ( (in such a country, noboby has questioned Ramcharitmanas. It is still going on. May be, now somebody's attention gets drawn towards it and a furore is created. I don't know)," the Prime Minister added.

He appreciated All India Radio for continuously recording the epic over 22 years.
Hailing Ramcharitmanas, Modi said it is the crucial aspect of India's unhindered existence through the family system that it preaches.

"For thousands of years, our speciality is our family system which may be a cause for envy to others in the world. To infuse life in that system, if anything has played a big role, it is Ramcharitmanas and the family life of Lord Rama. Lord Rama was a shining example of family life," he said.
(Published 31 August 2015, 15:21 IST)

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