A blazing track record

A blazing track record

A blazing track record
He always craved to be unique and it is this uniqueness that made him buy the classic 1986 MM540 Jeep. Vice-President of K2 Learning Private Limited, Shanthan MS, teaches the CS students for passion and has a passion for the vintage and classic wheels.

It is the daredevil inside him, which always aspired to go on off road trips, that made him develop a love for Mahindra Jeeps. “I became firm on buying a classic Mahindra Jeep after I drove the 1960 Willy Jeep owned by my friend. One drive and it blew my mind away!” Shanthan exclaims.

The overpowering joy of this drive trawled all his savings towards buying a classic wheel and he was on the lookout for the 1986 Mahindra Jeep for almost a year. “I looked through all the websites and found a dealer in Haryana, who sells only the classic jeeps. I got in touch with him and he gave me another dealer’s number, who was right here in the City. I found my true love here and there was no turning back,” he says.  

Powerful engine, sturdy drive, unmatched thrill; the jeep never fails to knock him off his mind every time he drives it. “She is alluring and I call her ‘Blaze’,” he says. Getting hands on her just three months back, this jeep is his ‘30-year-old girlfriend’. He explains, “This model is no more available. These were specially designed for the Army and the police and hence, the great power.”

He, however, has modified the jeep a little to enhance her beauty and drives her everyday to work. “The jeep was in a good condition when I got her. But she needed a little bit of interior makeover. Keeping the old charm intact, I modified her to suit my needs. She now has a power steering and her interiors make her look like a sports model. But the engine is original and still powerful. She does spit fire on everyone’s bellies,” he says beamingly.

With a boost to her already charming looks, this jeep is an important part of Shanthan’s life and he will “never let her go for lifetime”. He says, “This is not a luxurious passion but a thrilling one. The jeep makes me feel younger and has allured everyone in the family.” His father, who was reluctant towards his interest of buying the jeep, was rolled over by her charm and power.

“I drove to my native and showed her to my dad who was not very encouraging about my interest at first. But one drive and he was bowled over. He, in fact, kept Blaze with him for a month and then returned,” he says.

Shanthan’s wife, Vahini, also shares his passion and he says, “It would not be possible to attain my passion if not for her support.” Vahini adds, “We like to travel and what better than driving in a jeep? She is our happiness.”

Blaze has travelled as far as Chikkamagaluru and she will soon be participating in an offroad rally. “I am in talks with the Bangalore Club management and will take part in the vintage and classic car exhibition. They are also planning on organising off-road rally to Chikkamagaluru and I am looking forward to that,” he explains.

He says that the vintage and classic wheels give him a high and swears to invest all the savings in this addictive passion. “I want to own a Cadillac next and have a list of others as well,” he says. Calling his ‘Blaze’ a crowdpuller in the busy traffic, he comments on her technology and ends, “Indian manufacturers have matched the German technology and it is a pride to own her.”

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