Corruption rules in govt hospital, patients helpless

Scores of issues prevail in the Government Maternity Hospital at Robertsonpet.
It has become a common sight here to see D Group workers demanding bribes, nurses not taking care of the patients if they are not given enough money and patients suffering in dark rooms though diesel is provided for generators.

It is alleged that though the government has provided all the facilities required for the hospital, it has not been reaching thousands of pregnant women who visit the hospital on a daily basis here.

It was learnt that a baby born three days ago was suffering from jaundice and the baby needed constant photo therapy. But due to power cuts, the machine was not functional and the hospital staff were hesitant to switch on the generator. Seeing this, few patients who had visited hospital showed it to the Deccan Herald correspondent.

The water filters installed at six major wards are not in a state of use. The patients have to buy their own cans of water and keep them next to their beds.

Four stoves that are used for heating the water are also not in use as their burners are not functional, inconveniencing new mothers, complained the patients.

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