'There is a right time for everything'

'There is a right time  for everything'

It is a rare sight to see actress Raveena Tandon’s children photographed at glitzy Bollywood events. “It was a conscious choice,” she says, adding that the focus was to help them lead a normal life. “I have never taken the celebrity quotient in mind and would always record an event, if they really wanted to see it. I believe there is a right time for them to handle the attention that comes with being a celebrity.”

Tandon has stayed away from making any “comeback” in Bollywood and is content taking up “meaningful” assignments that resonate her sensibilities. Since she has slipped comfortably into parenting zone, she liked the concept of a radio show where she, along with experts would discuss issues and woes of parents and would guide them to secure their child’s present and future.

“In our times, the atmosphere in schools was different. We had a carefree childhood whereas in today’s time, schools are having terror drills. Imagine what kind of questions children would be asking their parents? I find it difficult to make my children understand why it is important in today’s time to have such mock drills,” Tandon tells ‘Metrolife’.

“It has become extremely important to be friendly with them, make them aware about a few bitter realities and understand their behaviour. After all, you never stop worrying about your children,” she says.

Tandon had entered Bollywood in the early 90s with ‘Patthar Ke Phool’ and over the years, she proved her acting mettle in films like ‘Laadla’, ‘Imtihaan’ and ‘Daman: A Victim of Marital Violence’ for which she won the National Award for Best Actress. Her preferences changed once she got married. She deliberately stayed away from desperate comeback strategies. “I had my share of success and believe there is a right time for everything. I have never been an ambitious person and my priorities were different,” she says.

“Now I need a very strong reason to come back and there isn’t any room for compromises. So, I am happy taking care of my family right now,” she adds. However, Tandon is active on micro-blogging site Twitter and voices her opinion about national and women’s issues every now and then.

“I have always been very patriotic. Be the change you want to see. We have to participate if we want to see any change in this country.”

Tandon hopes with the massive reach radio commands; listeners would be able to understand issues teenagers and children face these days. Things like explaining good and bad touch being one of them. “A certain segment of the society isn’t aware of the changing times so if we can reach those people, it would be extremely satisfactory,” she says.

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