Drapes, falls and all that jazz...

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Drapes, falls and all that jazz...

With over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has developed a deep understanding of design, textile, craft, embroidery forms, manufacturing processes and the Indian consumer mindset. Her sensibility blends with her affinity for experimental designs with a rooted Indian aesthetics. Her creations reflect the persona of the urban women of today.

Jyoti Sachdev Iyer started her fashion career after completing a short course from NIFT in 1998. Initially, she set up an independent studio in New Delhi, but she later shifted base to Bengaluru. For a short while, she worked with European design houses like La Perla, Fendi and Kenzo.

She continued with her studio and manufacturing set-up in the City, showcasing her work at numerous fashion events throughout the country and retailing her designs from her studio, as well as from various multi-label stores. In 2013, she expanded her base to Kolkata, setting up another design-manufacturing studio to supplement her Bengaluru unit. Currently, divides her time between the two cities.

Style according to me... Is how one carries off what we as designers give them. Style isn’t solely based on the clothes that one wears or how they accessorise it; it really depends on the attitude you carry yourself with.

I love... playing around with textures and drapes, concentrating more on the way the fabric falls rather than on embellishments. Though our silhouettes are Western we are still deeply routed in our Indian aesthetics.

If not a designer... I would have either been a journalist or a lawyer.

For this festive season... Bright hues are what I have mostly concentrated on. Shades of red, indigo and emerald greens take most of my attention.

Each collection I work on... Is based on the season when I’m releasing it. Summers usually carry off more lively colours — simple and airy fabrics — where as, in winters I tend to use deeper colours with heavier fabrics. Chanderis and georgettes are my all time favourite.

I see myself opening... Stand-alone stores across the country in future.

Little note to the aspiring designers... There is a lot of competition in the industry. Perseverance will get you through though. Chase your dreams and work hard — it’s a long ladder to climb but the thrill you get crossing each step is worth the time and creativity you invest in your work.

(As told to Surupasree Sarmmah)

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