Rendezvous with rains

Water, being the elixir of life, brings relief to the parched earth and its humanity.

Come rainy season and nature changes its face and form. The towering trees bend and bow their heads to welcome the rains. Dark clouds, that seem like a sea of water hanging in the sky, manage to obliterate the almighty sun for a while or two. It is amazing how these airy, wispy clouds manage to carry tons of water in their belly. Pregnant with water, they drift large distances till they find the right conditions to shed their baggage.

Water, being the elixir of life, brings relief to the parched earth and its humanity. New leaves pop out on trees while old leaves are bathed, displaying a translucence that gives the foliage a well-scrubbed look. The water in the lakes and ponds gets replenished. The hanging dust settles down and pollution levels take a plunge.

Frogs make their appearance all of a sudden. The notes of their croaks go higher and higher as the park brimming with water brings bliss to them. Other creatures that make their guest appearance are the earthworm and centipede. The earthworm snakes its way through the wet soil while the centipede uses its tiny hundred legs rhythmically to move forward.

At times, nature cannot make up its mind whether to be overcast or shine. On these rare occasions, rain and sun make their appearance together resulting in a surreal breathtaking rainbow. The birds shield themselves from the deluge by seeking shelter in the nooks and crannies of our houses.

Who does not like the monsoon? The simple joy of bathing in the rain is immeasurable. As children, the cool breeze refreshed us. Nothing could dampen our spirits as we treated ourselves to tea and pakodas after a heavy shower.

We spent one monsoon in Dalhousie and it was a unique experience. The clo-uds would hover around our heads as if they were walking beside us. Our clothes would get drenched in the water-laden clouds even when there was no rain. And when it poured, hundreds of small and big waterfalls would come to life singing sweet melodies, leaving an abiding impression on us to be enjoyed in happy and pensive moments of life.

Sometimes, the rain gods become too benevolent in their bounty. The result is excessive rainfall and floods that have man crying for mercy. Standing crop is destroyed and cities, towns and villages get submerged in water. Rain’s fury continues for days. People have to be evacuated and taken to safer places. They helplessly pray for the rain to stop while there is great loss of life and property.

But can man live sans rains? No, undoubtedly not. At this juncture, a voice within me cannot help recalling the verse: “Rain, rain, come again.”

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