Catching 'em young

Catching 'em young

Catching 'em young

Avid travellers and Bengalureans, Niharika Verma, an alumni of National Institute of
Design, and her husband Puneet, running a garment export house, noticed how people expressed their affection for their loved ones by dressing similar.

They realised how special those moments are and how both parents and children enjoy donning similar attires.

Within the country, they saw a lot of mothers trying to coordinate the colour of their dresses with their children, placing orders at local boutiques or getting printing done on plain polyester t-shirts, paying steep prices for not-so-cool clothes.

And that’s how they started their clothing brand ‘BonOrganik’ in 2012.“We identified the need and started by making only organic cotton kids wear. Today, ‘BonOrganik’ comprises five product lines— ‘Just Like Mom’ (similar mother-child apparels), ‘Just Like Dad’ (similar father-child apparels), ‘Family Forever’ (similar apparels for the entire family), ‘Super Siblings’ (similar apparels for siblings) and ‘My Baby’ (similar apparels for babies and parents)— and a host of accessories like similar ties, caps and scarves to make occasions special and one’s wardrobe memorable,” details Niharika.

They have t-shirts, Western dresses, bodysuits and ethnic wear in a variety of fabrics, suited to the need of the style, and a number of pleasing

She adds, “Our USP is the quality, well-fitted, high fashion matching outfits for all the relationships in all the sizes. It’s like a gift of a lifetime. Our focus is on the fact that the consumer should not only admire the concept but cherish the clothing and continue to wear it.”

One can log onto their website, select the category as well as size and place the order.

The beautiful gift pack is then delivered to one’s doorstep within a week. The brand is available throughout India. “We believe that the love for children is universal
and exists in the heart of every human being, hence we cater to all types of audiences and price points,” says Niharika.

The response, she highlights, has been wonderful. “People in Bengaluru have appreciated our products and we have also started selling globally. We take care to maintain quality and aim to provide a pleasant shopping experience which is an important factor in purchasing online. Currently, we are focusing on customising apparels and creating newer categories. More than clothing, we want to gift joy to everyone.”