Joys of being a spa junkie

Joys of being a spa junkie

You do not want to get out of town when everybody else is rushing out for holidays and yet you want to feel pampered and relaxed...Exactly. The best place to head then for an exotic vacation is a spa and all the better if the spa has the right ambience.

A good spa offers the utmost comfort and relaxation at the same time – a place where you can let your hair down, throw your feet up, and experience the joys of being pampered and rejuvenated!

The atmosphere at our newly-opened spa, swathed in shades of pure white,  yellow and greens, is such; the traditional Indian artwork beckons you to stretch those weary muscles while getting a luxurious massage done at well-appointed chambers with attached steam rooms and private showers.

The entrance courtyard is verdant and aqua with bubbling fountains and cascades. Refloxology sessions can be availed in this area amidst coconut trees and lush greenery. Some of the massages and specialised treatments you can opt for are as follows:

* Swedish massage
This massage technique uses soothing, tapping and kneading strokes to work the entire body relieving muscle tension and loosening sore joints. It is a slow soothing massage with pressure points which releases stress. Pressure can be soft, medium or hard.

* Indonesian spa aroma massage
A blend of pure essential oils used in this deep healing massage  will bring enhanced relaxation, vitality and general well being for your mind, body and emotions. You can choose your oil amongst a variety of aroma oils.

* Stone therapy
Stone Therapy is an ancient healing art which is a type of Thermotherapy. This therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation, detoxifying the body. Relaxes you mentally and physically.

* Mineral massage
 Very slow massage with just fingertips, soothing enough to put you to sleep. Mineral oils have natural plant and marine extract from the sea which promotes blood circulation and protects skin from free radicals. Takes out fatigue and stress from the body.

* Thai massage
 Very soothing deep-tissue massage with acupressure points. Herbal hot compress is given to relax taut and tight muscles completely. Can be done with powder or with a special Thai gel.

* Dead sea mud mask
This mask is a powerful detoxifier that stimulates blood and lymph circulation, removes dead skin cells and removes all the impurities and toxins while also toning and strengthening the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant. Best results are obtained when combined with the mineral massage. 

There are several facials one can opt for as well including the high-end White Secrets facial. There are also the Mango manicure and pedicure and Mango and Avocado foot and hand spa on offer.

So this summer, forget those cumbersome holidays and relax in the city itself!

The BodyCraft Spa and Salon is at 10/1, Mariyappa Road (after Parikrama School), Ashoka Pillar, 1st Block, Jayanagar.  Ph: 40951444, 9900248359