Holidays are best enjoyed with family

Holidays are best enjoyed with family

Perfect vacation

At some point, everyone needs a break from the day-to-day routine. And going on a holiday is the best thing that can help one unwind and freshen up for the next innings. Be it a layman or any celebrity, holidays are a bliss for everyone. But when it comes to stars, people are always curious to know how they spend their vacations. So, Metrolife talked to actor Neil Nitin Mukesh who recently came back from Goa  after a week-long break.

The Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo actor makes it a point to take off with his family once every six months. This time, he hit the beach with his father, mother, brother Naman, sister Neha, her husband and their kids.

How was your trip to Goa?

Exciting! I was out with my family and that was the best part of it. My holidays are always with my family. Though my work is such that I anyway travel so much but I don’t consider those trips as holidays. A holiday is when you are with your entire family and far from all other things.
Why did you choose Goa?

I’ve had childhood memories attached to Goa. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It is a beautiful place where you can literally lose yourself. It has the right balance of everything and a calming effect on mind, body and soul. Moreover, Goa is close to home. So in case, there’s anything urgent I need to attend I can come away quickly.

How did you start your day there?

In the bathroom singing Feni Nai Mujhe Bulaiya from the film King Uncle (he laughs jokingly). The routine was fixed from day to night. As soon as I got up from the bed, after getting fresh, I headed straight for the water sports and then splurged on some kickass
fish gourmet and beer in the shacks with latino music cajoling me into an afternoon siesta.

How about the food part? Any specific cuisine that you were interested in?

Mukesh family is a big foodie. We never repeated a restaurant and tried three different restaurants for the three meals of our day. Over the week, we ate at 21 different eateries of South Goa.

Talking about the food, I love tasting new dishes and experimenting with new cuisines since I have a palette for interesting food. However, St. Anthony’s Beach Shack, Mum’s Kitchen and Martin’s Corner became some of my favourite places.

Any memorable incident that happened during the trip?

Yes, a scary one. In the excitement of the situation, I took off parasailing without a harness with my nephew and by the time I realised I was mid-air and freaking out. Guess what I landed on a moving car.  It was such a superhero moment for my nephew.

How did you manage to avoid being recognised?

I just put on my baseball cap, slipped into a pair of my old Levis and threw on a basic tee. Goa tourists are not the type to really hound a celebrity and that’s why I like to taking off to Goa.

How was the last day of your trip?

Goa is all about the sun, sea and sand. It’s all about the music and merrymaking. It’s all about the architecture and old school vibe.

Where are you planning to head for your next trip?

Europe, no doubts!