Spot on with stainless steel

Spot on with stainless steel

Often used as an industrial kitchen’s countertop, stainless steel is fast gaining popularity among home owners looking for the chic factor in their cooking space, writes Jidesh Haridas.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past, when kitchens were built out of stone. From the cabinet carcass to kitchen counters, it was considered a strong and sturdy base to weather the onslaught of cooking and cleaning for decades.

Gradually, natural wood began to gain popularity as a material of choice in
designing kitchens. As solid wood was sturdy, available in plenty and could be easily carved into shapes and designs of choice, they began to be used everywhere in the kitchen, from countertops to cabinets, tables and even false ceilings.

Natural wood was further replaced by compressed wood. The excessive use of oak, teak and rosewood in designing kitchens and furniture for the rest of the home took a toll on this natural resource. Soon it was replaced by compressed wood, that is, medium density fibrewood (MDF) and plywood, in kitchens. These were also durable, sturdy, and had properties that could fit in with the kitchen needs and give the same look and feel as natural wood.

Minimalistic look
More recently, stainless steel is becoming a much sought-after base for designing modern modular cooking spaces. While it is durable like the other materials, what makes stainless steel stand out is its long shelf-life and ability to weather rigorous use. What is interesting to note is that stainless steel was previously only used as a base material in construction and it has slowly gained popularity in designing modern kitchens.

Although commercial kitchens have been using them for many years, mainly for their strength and ease of maintenance, domestic kitchens are slowly opening up to the many possibilities that stainless steel kitchens hold. Stainless steel creates an industrial look and gives the traditional kitchen space an edgy feel.

It is sleek, clean, minimalistic and blends in well with the kitchen, especially when appliances such as ovens and refrigerators share the same material.

Here’s looking at all the attributes that make stainless steel a must-have in a
modern kitchen:

 Tough material: Stainless steel kitchens are sturdy and efficient — this is one of the main reasons for their use in commercial kitchens. These kitchens are practical and long lasting, can easily handle the wear and tear and staining that most Indian kitchens witness.

 Heat factor: Stainless steel kitchens are heat-resistant and withstand temperature vagaries in cooking, unlike many other materials.

 Low maintenance: They are easy to clean and maintain, do not stain easily, and most cleaning agents can be used on them.

 Stunning texture: Metallic accents blend well with any colour scheme, from light and bright spaces to solid and dark palettes. They also tend to create an
upscale, modern vibe.

 Blending in: Stainless steel kitchens do very well with coloured or wood
accents. Warm wooden flooring, a bright splash of cutlery and an interesting wall decor stand out with stainless steel.

Uniformity: Addition of a silver tone creates uniformity with the rest of the kitchen cutlery and appliances, thus creating a sense of cohesiveness and design symmetry.

 Eco-friendly: For the homeowner with a green thumb, a stainless steel kitchen is a great alternative. Stainless steel cabinets are considered eco-friendly as they are recyclable, easy to clean and non-toxic.

If you are sold on the idea of using stainless steel in your kitchen, there are many innovative ways to do it. Here are two ways of doing it right:

 Cabinets: Why not use stainless steel for your cabinets? They give your kitchen a stylish and angular look. Though fingerprints can be easily seen on these, you can effortlessly wipe them away with readily-available cleaners. As stainless steel is an extremely sanitary material, these cabinets are perfect for a place such as the kitchen.

 Countertops: Give way to your creativity and customise your stainless steel countertop to take on any shape and size. A stainless steel countertop is a blessing in the kitchen due to its easy-to-maintain character. Just wipe it down with warm water and a soft cloth.

Now you know why everyone’s going gaga over it!

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