Now, SA buyer offers Rs 9 crore for Yuvraj

Now, SA buyer offers Rs 9 crore for Yuvraj

Now, SA buyer offers Rs 9 crore for Yuvraj

Believe it or not, an exotic Murrah buffalo weighing over 1,400 kg, has invited a mind-boggling price of Rs 9 crore.

     A delegation from South Africa wanted its Haryana-based owner Karamvir Singh to sell the bovine for Rs 9 crore, up Rs 2 crore from the last much-in-news offer, but Singh declined saying his “child” was not for sale.

Yuvraj has remained the cynosure of all cattle events, including the ongoing cattle fest in Jagraon in Punjab, where Singh made this stunning disclosure, which many may find it hard to believe, claiming the Rs 9 crore sale price. And why would Singh want to sell Yuvraj? He says his Murrah earns over Rs 50 lakh every year from sale of semen.
Its not about money, Karamvir says, adding that he has brought up Yuvraj, now 8-years of age, like his own son. 
Yuvraj was recently in Hyderabad for a cattle show. Last year, Yuvraj was crowned champion at Meerut’s All India Cattle Show by a 10-member jury that evaluated Yuvraj, meaning the Prince, on 30 parameters, including morphological trait, semen quality, genetic history and even the quantity of milk.

Yuvraj stretches 14 feet in length and is a few inches less than 6 feet in height. Singh has to spend a fortune to rear the bovine which is a cash cow for him.

Yuvraj drinks 20 litres of milk a day, eats 5kg of apples and 15kg of very fine quality cattle feed. A 2-mile walk everyday is a must routine for the Murrah.

The Haryana government is working actively to boost the annual murrah semen production capacity to 50 lakh doses from 32 lakh doses. Haryana has semen production centres in Gurgaon and Jagadhari which is why the semen of such cattle is in high demand, even in other states.

The Murrah buffaloes are in huge demand and are capable of giving up to 32 kg of milk every day, more than twice as much as an ordinary cattle. Maharashtra is a state that seeks maximum number of Murrahs from Haryana to develop the breed there. It’s not that every breed is as high priced as Yuvraj.

A Murrah buffalo can also be bought for Rs 2 lakh. Last year, Haryana had supplied Murrahs to Assam, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan,  Maharashtra and Punjab.

Murrah semen is a lucrative business in Haryana. Sometime ago, thieves decamped with hundreds of semen doses from a “well-protected” sperm bank in Hisar in Haryana.

It was suspected that the semen was smuggled to other states. In 2011, a dairy farm owner in Hisar had unsuccessfully tried to smuggle 5,000 semen straws to Egypt.

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