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He always had a dream of becoming a writer and he pursued that from a young age.
Having published his work in many magazines, Amogh Ranadive still lives out his dream as a writer, but he writes to make people laugh when he’s on stage.

At an interaction with ‘Metrolife’, the stand-up comedian said that he believes he is absolutely hilarious but also delusional about the idea.

You were recently in the City, what did you think of the crowd?

To be honest, I feel that the Bengaluru crowd is slightly smarter than the Mumbai one. The crowd here enjoys more intellectual jokes so some of the lines I use in Mumbai, where people go crazy, don’t work in Bengaluru. It takes a bit more effort to pull that off here. Even though it’s challenging, it’s pretty refreshing as well.

What are some of the pre-stage preparations you do?

Pace around backstage like a mad person trying to think about what I’m going to say, and always make sure that I’m wearing the ring my dad gave for absolutely no reason (laughs). One day he came up tome and told me to wear it, and somehow I never disobeyed and it’s become a thing I can’t go on stage without.

Describe your first time on stage as a stand-up comedian.

Oh, I will never forget this; first times are always special after all (chuckles). So, it was an open mic session in Mumbai  — first of its kind — and I was writing scripts for Channel V at that time. So I thought it would be interesting to see if I could take my funny persona (I think I’m totally hilarious, by the way) on stage and see how people would respond to it. To my luck, it worked and there was no looking back since!

The four things you just cannot leave your house without.

My pants, my wallet, phone and laptop.

Some of the myths about comedians that you want to clear?

Actually, most comedians aren’t funny off stage. We usually head back home after the show and don’t find other ‘fun’ things to do.

Also, you can’t expect us to ‘tell me a joke’ out of the blue — we don’t walk around with jokes in our pockets!

If you were to write a movie, what would it be about and what would you call it?

It would have to be a tell-all tale on how comedians aren’t funny when they are not on stage. Their friends’ circle is also usually not the funny kinds.

Even though they can make a whole room laugh, when you’re hanging out with a drink in your hand, it’s just impossible to crack a joke. And I would call it ‘We are not funny (off stage)’.

So what plans for Christmas and New Years’? 

To make sure that I book some shows so that I don’t have to go around for parties in
different parts of the City which my friends want me to come to.

As told to Anila Kurian

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