Let there be festive cheer

Let there be festive cheer

Christmas is here and it’s the perfect time to bring some festive cheer into your home. Xmas decor needn’t be restricted to the tree and stockings. You can do so much more to transform your home into a beautiful and inviting space this season of joy.

“The term synonymous with Christmas is magic. And what better way to bring in the magical feel than lighting up your home with festivities? When you let your home transform into something cosy and cheerful, the magic will follow,” says Parul Amla of Antrik Design Studio, New Delhi.

Christmas spells the advent of celebration with friends and family. The magic that stems from the shadows of togetherness with near and dear ones is what makes this festival so special. So, how about getting some inspiration and converting your home into a Christmas party hub? It doesn’t matter if you aren’t really hosting a party at home, you can still create an ambience that matches the true spirit of the season. In case, you are unsure of where or how to begin with the decorations, here are some simple ideas to help you get started:

The first impressions

From the moment your guests set foot on your porch, make sure to create a striking impression. There are several ways to flank up your entryway:

 Bow tie: Try folding a big bow and tying it to the outside of the door.
 Holiday doormats: You can welcome your guests with some cheer by placing a holiday-themed doormat. It will put a smile on everyone’s face and also brighten up the mood.
Stairway lighting: Arrange luminaries to the walkway leading up to your front door. Arrange mason jars and fill them up with white confetti. Then make tall candles stand against these.

 Leave a message: Place your message against the sides of the door with stencil
letters, which you can easily source from your nearest stationery mart.
 Poinsettia wreath: Ditch the green wreath and for a change, go red instead! Decorate your front door with a live poinsettia wreath and watch the atmosphere   come alive instantly.  
 Christmas carols: Let Christmas carols play in the background while you welcome  guests at the door.

 Deck the windows: Even though it may not be snowing in your area, you can still add that wintery touch with small cut-out snowflakes. Line them against the corners or the centre of your windows.

Inside impact

Moving on from the entryway, let’s now focus on the interiors, shall we? Making your spaces come alive with some simple festive cheer isn’t that hard. All you have to do is to put up some festive artefacts and you are ready to roll!

 Bows: Bows are sure to bring in the holiday mood, so add them everywhere — from candles to door handles, backs of chairs to teddy bears! If possible, tie them with a wire tie, so you can easily remove and reuse them next year.

 Centrepiece: A centrepiece is a must-have item for any Christmas decor. Make yours with flowers of different shapes, sizes or colours. Alternately, use a cluster of candles to line your table.

 Fairy lights: Fairy lights in white or yellow shades will set off a magical equation. Use them across windows, doors, frames or adorn them inside lanterns. 

Glitterati: Dash a few bobs of glitter on table tops, candles, lamp shades, and at the buffet table. A little bit of glitter here and there will only amp up the festivities.

Party decor

If you are planning to host a Christmas party at home, choose a colour scheme or theme for the decor. Colour schemes could vary from black and white to red and green, gold and silver to blue and white.

These are all traditional colour schemes for the holiday season, but you can invent your own too. You can also choose any one colour as your focal colour. Alternately, your decor highlights could revolve around a theme like Santa, snowman, angels, reindeer or Rudolph. Another idea is to have a combination of both. For example, angels with a gold and silver colour palette.

If this is a last-minute party, then you can easily get away with a quick phone call invitation to all your friends and family. However, if you are planning this party much in advance, then make an invite that your guests will truly remember. You can make a cut-out from cardboard or a piece of paper and write down the party details at the back. Fold a ribbon to match with the colour scheme of your party and a tie to hang it from.

The table that matters

When it comes to the dinner table, the avenues for decoration are, indeed , endless. Theme your dinner table in a way that complements the chosen colour scheme or motif of the home. Your dining table centrepiece, table linen as well as the food can be dressed according to your chosen theme. For instance, arrange red apples around the roast or drizzle green parsley on top of cherry tomatoes.

 Chalky menu: Let your guests know what’s cooking at the dinner table with the menu written on a typical chalkboard or slate.

 Personalised gifts: Offer each of your guests with a small memento or gift. It doesn’t have to be expensive. With some simple DIY tricks and tips, upcycle decor items from your own abode. Personalise a tree ornament and use it as a place card or flag your guests name against cut-out cookies. Tie a sheer bag with potpourri and tag it with your guests’ name and the date of the occasion in remembrance.

 Tableware: Use your holiday Bone China, even if you fall short on the number. You can alternate it with regular cutlery and use table cloths, napkins and mats to complete the look. And don’t forget the silver and crystal. After all, it’s a party!

 Sweet nothings: You can make something elegant with simple items from your refrigerator. Think candies and cookies displayed on glass dishes or filled in mason jars. They will make for a pretty sight and also satisfy the sudden hunger pangs.

 Decorate every room: Leave a small decor item complementing your party’s theme in every room of your home. Poinsettia in the powder room, lit up candles in the kitchen, a Christmas wreath in front of the cloak room or a mini tree on the coffee table.

So, get going and enjoy the festival with your friends and family in the comfort of your own charmingly beautiful home. Merry Christmas!

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