This rowdy fails to rock

This rowdy fails to rock

Film review

This rowdy fails to rock

Kannada (A) Cast:  Yash, Shanvi Srivastava, Chikkanna, Suhasini Maniratnam, Ravi Shankar, Avinash, Achyut Kumar, Dattathreya
Director:  Manju Mandavya

Masterpiece is a misnomer. The title ruse to lure audiences to theatre. It is no work of art nor historical saga to be proud of. Despite pre-release hype, Masterpiece, is a mundane, mayhem movie, with names of martyrs like Chandrashekar Azad, Veer Sarvarkar and Bhagat Singh thrown in as a puerile ploy.

The film, which sees Rocking Star Yash going for image makeover - hero to anti-hero as rowdy Yuva, is his show all the way.

Though director Manju Mandavya does drum in the message that families should nip in the bud their wards going the rowdy way, by the time he delivers the homily, he has glorified the ways of rowdy to demonic proportions.

The message is lost in the mindless action and build-up gone into ensuring Yash comes across convincing as a rowdy. With dialogues written specifically at building the image of Yash and subtly send a message to fellowmen in the industry, Masterpiece is a shallow and vacuous venture proffering nothing.

Such is Yuva’s fondness for rowdyism his mother Durga, a court clerk, wails that he be finished in an encounter. Sister Purvi too pays heavily facing the ignominy of having such roguish brother. He cares two hoots for pleas to change.

But as filmmakers would have it, Nisha flips for him. As their romance blooms over several ice-cream sessions, you have Yash responsible for a dreaded drug lord Boss being behind bars and subsequently ferrying from prison when Nisha is kidnapped. With a wafer-thin witless plot, director Manju Mandavya tries to regale audiences in his ennui-driving entertainer. Be it Yash’s acting, Shanvi’s pretty presence, Ravi Shankar’s rants as Boss, Avinash’s grandstanding as ACP Pratap Simha, Achyut Kumar as politician Noor Ahmed, and Suhasini’s maternal tear-shedding, nothing impresses in Masterpiece.

In short, Masterpiece, which is the pits, with its pre-Friday release to cash in on Christmas and Eid holiday weekend, is best left to Yash’s fans who cacophonously cheer and raise a shindig over his onscreen doings.

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