Mason gets PM's praise for building toilets for free

Mason gets PM's praise for building toilets for free

While the country was listening to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's words praising him today, 65-year-old Dileep Singh Malviya, a mason living in a village nearly eight hundred kilometers from the national capital, was busy in his mission of building toilets.

In his 'Mann ki Baat' radio address, the Prime Minister today said Dileep has made 100 toilets without charging any money in his Bhojpura village and people like him were the real strength of the country.

"Most of the houses in my village did not have a toilet. Women and children especially faced a very hard time because of this. Diseases were spreading. So I took it upon myself to convince every family that they should build a toilet," Dileep told PTI here.

Dileep is a mason by profession, but he decided not to charge any money for building toilets.

"When I made the people understand why they should have toilet in their homes, some took loans to get the building material, others sold their belongings," he said, explaining the reason behind his initiative.

"The whole village is involved in this mission and we are grateful to the Prime Minister for recognising it and praising it," Dileep said.

The Prime Minister often refers to laudable initiatives by people in different parts of the country during his radio address.

Referring to Dileep, he said, "He is a regular mason but he has taken a novel initiative. It has been highlighted by a newspaper and I would like to share it with you.

"Hailing from a small village, Dileep Singh Malviya has decided that if somebody provides the materials for building a toilet, he will not charge for his labour and do it for free. And he has made 100 toilets till now, believing that it is his scared duty.

"My heartfelt congratulations to Dileep Singh Malviya. We here pessimistic views about the country sometimes. But there are hundreds of such Dileep Singhs who are in their own way doing good for the country. They are the strength of the country. They are the county's hope.

"Initiatives like these take the country forward on the path of development so it is natural that we feel proud of Dileep Singh and take pride in his effort in Mann Ki Baat," the PM said.

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