Cameras to catch odd-even violators

Govt plans sensors at secret locations

Delhi government is planning to install cameras at undisclosed locations in the city to fine people who violate its odd-even rule.

The government’s transport department is currently working on the plan to install camera sensors which will catch cars plying on the wrong day during the 15-day period of its odd-even rule.

According to a government official, the locations where the cameras would be installed will not be disclosed to the public.

“This would be done secretly so that violators are not aware of the areas where monitoring will be done and will not be able to avoid those routes,” the official said.

The government is working to install these sensors around one kilometre before “prominent” signals or on the stretches where the presence of traffic police will be more so that the information of those violating the rule can reach the police beforehand, following which a fine can then be imposed on them.

A penalty of Rs 2,000 has been fixed for vehicles found flouting the odd-even formula, which will be in effect from January 1-15 in the national capital.

The number of locations which will be covered by cameras is not clear yet. With just three days to go for the rule to kick in and the plan to install cameras still under process, it is unlikely that a lot of places will be identified for the same.

Earlier, the government had also said that it will install cameras to assess impact of the rule on the reduction in the number of vehicles during the drive.

Meanwhile, the environment department has started the drill for its mobile pollution monitoring devices which will be put to use from January 1 to monitor the impact on pollution at 200 spots in the city.

Currently, the department has procured four such kits which will taken to different places in the capital from January 1 to January 15 and will monitor if the odd-even rule has had a considerable impact on the pollution.

“We are planning to do it constituency wise from day one. Suppose monitoring is being done in Palam, we can send the same team with the kit to Dwarka. Like this we are planning to cover as many places as possible,” a senior environment department official said.

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