Info Commission faces tough task of disposing of 30k cases in 45 days

Info Commission faces tough task of disposing of 30k cases in 45 days

'Commission working out modalities to implement HC order'

State Information Commissioner Shekar Sajjan has said that the Commission is working out the modalities and the procedure to implement the High Court order mandating the Commission to dispose of cases within 45 days of filing the second appeal.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, the RTI Commissioner Dr Shekar Sajjan said that the Commission is faced with an Herculean task of disposing of as many as 30,000 second appeals in 45 days.

“The High Court has directed the Commission, a fortnight back, to dispose of the cases within 45 days of allotment of case number to the applications pertaining to the second appeal and the complaints. In this regard, the four RTI commissioners in the State are holding discussions on how to clear the pendency in such a short period of time,” the RTI commissioner said.

“One way to tackle the pendency is to order the departments concerned to provide necessary information to the complainants. But again this would serve no purpose as many government departments are facing staff crunch and they would find it tough to provide time-bound information. The delay would result in more appeals,” Dr Shekar Sajjan explained.

“The Commission has instructed the officials of the first appellate authority to complete the hearing within 45 days of the filing of case and recommend the departmental action against the errant officials. This will reduce the filing of second appeals,” the RTI commissioner said.