'Bridge the gap between traditional and modern'

'Bridge the gap between traditional and modern'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed the need to bridge the gap between traditional knowledge and modern science.

Delivering the presidential address at the 103rd Indian Science Congress in Mysuru on Sunday, Modi said that attempts should be made to integrate traditional techniques with the attempts to increase farm yield.

“In the area of health, modern medicines have transformed healthcare. But, we must also use scientific techniques and methods to delve deeper into traditional medicines and practices like Yoga for holistic lifestyle and change our paradigm from treatment to wellness,” he said.

Modi said that cities were the major engines of economic growth, but account for more than two-thirds of global energy demand and result in up to 80 per cent of global greenhouse gas emission.

Hence, better scientific tools should be developed to improve city planning with sensitivity to local ecology and heritage, he added. “Much of our urban infrastructure is yet to be built. Hence, we must maximise the use of local material with scientific improvements and make buildings energy efficient,” Modi said, adding that scientists should help make cities immune to the consequences of natural disasters and homes more resilient.

The prime minister said studies suggest that nearly 40 per cent of the global urban population lives in informal settlements or slums, where they face a range of health and nutritional challenges. So, addressing the challenges of rapid urbanisation will be critical for a sustainable world, he said.