Connecting with inner peace

Connecting with inner peace

Spiritual art

The concept of peaceful state of mind and spirit is best depicted in animation film Kung Fu Panda which revolved around finding ‘inner peace’. In Master Shifu words, it is the ability to harness the flow of the universe which enables one to do the seemingly impossible.

The comprehension of the term depends on a person’s interpretation of the term at a personal level. It is this vagueness and unlimited options that artists in a group show
“Inner Vision 2016” are trying to explore using different mediums.

Haryana-based Dinesh Gaur is working on a photographic series “Anant Yaatra” for which he has captured a man in a cayenne colour dhoti, whose body is smeared in ash and strings of rudrakshas draped around his waist and neck. He is dancing and in trance, so it isn’t difficult to draw similarities between the image and Lord Shiva.

­­­But for Gaur, the dance is about freedom and to attain “moksha”. “The images are more about rediscovering yourself. It is said that the best conversation a person can have is when he is alone. It is this interaction with the self one should have to understand the essence of life,” he tells Metrolife. Artist Ruchi Chadha has been experimenting with a variety of mediums since early 90s.

Her work mainly deals with exploring the outer and inner world she consciously chose to follow. For this exhibition, she has displayed the beauty of nature and its association with human emotions. “Nature has always been an inspiration for me... the beauty is limitless. I love water and the fluidity of its colour just takes me to another level.”

According to the catalogue, the show is the voice of the artists and to bring art into the life of everyone. It is all about incorporating individual artists with different ideas, styles and perspectives to offer an unbiased viewpoint. Gaur has been clicking photographs for the series at different locations along with his friend and hopes the images will send out the message of ending extreme unhappiness and embracing peace.

Inner Voice 2016 is on display at Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre till January 8.