Satisfied, but more needs to be done: CM

Satisfied, but more needs to be done: CM

In celebration mode: No confrontation with Centre

B S Yeddyurappa

Despite his busy schedule he agreed to talk to Deccan Herald correspondent Prakash Kugwe on Friday, as he was proceeding from Shikaripur to attend the district review meet in  Shimoga.

You have completed one year in office. How do you rate your performance? On a scale of 10, how much marks you assign for yourself?

I am not satisfied. A lot needs to be achieved. Comprehensive changes have to be introduced to meet the aspirations of the people. In one year, nearly three months were spent on elections. Still, we have enough achievements in the remaining nine months.

There is no need for me to give a rating for my performance. The people themselves have given us the ranking by giving us eight per cent more vote share in the recent Lok Sabha elections. We were ahead of rivals in 142 Assembly constituencies.

Could you highlight the decisions taken by you so far?

The budget and the pro-dalit and backward classes programmes taken up by the government. Under the government programmes, 15,000 to 20,000 people have been benefited in each taluk. We have introduced Janaspandana (people contact programme).

Now, the people need not have to wait outside the ministers' residence to get their work done.

Do you think you have made any wrong moves?

Nothing so far. Programmes in budget were well thought-out schemes. However, I was saddened and pained by the Haveri police firing (two were killed in the incident). The Centre adopted step-motherly attitude and delayed supply of fertilisers. The state government had to take the blame. I still feel bad about the incident. I am upset with the non-cooperation from the opposition. They should respect the people's mandate and cooperate with the ruling party. Didn't we cooperate with them while we were in opposition?

Do you think Operation Lotus should continue?

It is not Operation Lotus. It is a political polarisation. As we had won only 110 seats after the elections, we needed more support to provide a stable government. It was inevitable. We won in five of the eight Assembly seats in the by-elections. By-elections will be held in five more seats (5 MLAs were successful in recent Lok Sabha elections). It should end. People have good opinion about the BJP. It was inevitable. The people have forgiven us. We will take a resolve not to repeat it.

There is an allegation that former minister V Somanna who defected from the Congress to BJP is being given a lot of importance?

Somanna is a 'force.' It is indisputable that the BJP won seats in Bangalore because of Somanna. It is our duty that we entrust him with more powers.

There are four Cabinet Ministers in the Centre from the State. How is this going to benefit the State?

The Manmohan Singh government has given more importance to the State by giving four berths in the Council of Ministers. The confrontation with the Centre would end. Now, it is time for us to work together for development.  I hope that the Centre would cooperate with the State in developmental activities. 

Have the three ministers from Bellary, who are mining barons, posed problems to you?
Regarding Reddy brothers, let me tell you very clearly that there is not an iota of truth in this allegation which I have been hearing from the time of Cabinet formation. They have not interfered with anything so far.

How do you assess the performance of your ministers?

We have achieved some of our goals. There is still long way to go. Nearly 75 per cent of
the ministers are working. The remaining should be put on track. I will discuss with all concerned in this regard.

Is there any dissidence in the party?

It is a media creation. There is dissidence in the JD(S) and the Congress. There is no need to bringing in minister K S Eshwarappa's name. The ministers are working independently. I am not interfering in their work. Legislators Renukacharya has been claiming that he would make me strong. I have told him to stop such activities of holding meeting of legislators.

You had claimed at the first ABIDe meeting that there will be perceptible changes in administration in Bangalore development. But no such changes are seen.

Because of the development works in Bangalore, the people have voted for the BJP candidates in Bangalore. I also have a dream of making Bangalore as an international City.

They say

There is no administration at all in the State. I don’t see any reason for the BJP to celebrate its completion of one year in the office.

The Government is bragging about its ‘achievements’ only through media.

Dharam Singh,
MP & Ex-CM

The Government has done very well in all fields giving attention to all sections. In the LS elections we were number one in 141 constituencies Voters too have appreciated the performance of the party.

D V Sadananda Gowda,
BJP State president

There has been no development in the State in the last one year. The government has not been able to show progress in utilising funds allocated under the plan and non-plan sectors in the 2008-09 budget.

V S Ugrappa, Leader of Opposition, Council