Online misadventures

Online misadventures

Once, goaded beyond endurance, I decided to give online shopping a try.

Today, we are caught up in a whirl of innovations; a technological revolution that has us in its grip. Not a day passes without some new application or improvement that can be implemented. Most are compelled to update themselves on these novel developments.

There are also those who find it difficult to cope with the speed of changing technology and prefer the ‘good, old, trusted ways’. I belong to the latter category, though I have managed to learn just enough to get by. I am kind of semi-literate.

In a changing world, shopping online has become quite common. Apart from the ease of transaction, it saves time and energy. Also, people are enthralled by the ‘deals’ they get. Being a traditional, old-fashioned shopper, I like to visit shops –be it for vegetables and fruit, groceries, clothes, shoes and bags, or electronic items. More than the touch and feel, I enjoy the casual conversation I deal in with the sales persons. All this has only won me the ridicule of younger consumers who thrive on clicking keys.

Once, goaded beyond endurance, I decided to move with the changing times and give online shopping a try. I thought I would start with something very simple, something where I couldn’t possibly go wrong. I ordered a book. It arrived in two days, looking no different from the ones stacked in book stores and smelling just as good when I opened it at random and inhaled.

Emboldened, I ventured further. Idly going through some websites, my attention was grabbed by a display of gorgeous saris on one of them. There were several of them, in various hues and patterns. When I consulted an expert in the field (she goes to the remotest places to pick up the rarest ones), she assured me about its reputation, saying it was a reliable one. She also mentioned that she was a patron of that particular site. Any doubts I had were dispelled.

Brimming with confidence, I spent a lot of time looking over the ‘creations’. I short-listed four and examined them in minute detail. Finally, after much deliberation, I chose one – a vibrant yellow with a maroon border and pallu. It was traditional yet trendy, bright but not gaudy. I placed the order and waited for it to arrive.

When the courier delivered the parcel, I opened it clumsily, unable to contain my excitement. I was pleased that it was just as it was pictured. A sticker on it read: Blouse attached. So I had the tailor cut off the blouse and machine the edges. Later, I unfolded the sari to iron it. Imagine my horror when I found thick tiger stripes on the inner half!
I realised that only the part of the sari with the pallu and border had been shown. I had only myself to blame for my foolishness. The experience has been enough to put me off online shopping!