KSRTC automates depots for hassle-free operations

KSRTC automates depots for hassle-free operations

New staff duty rota, leave kiosk to fight partiality, harassment of employees

KSRTC automates depots for hassle-free operations

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has automated operations in 79 depots across the State to ensure smooth and hassle-free operation of schedules.

The KSRTC has devised an automated duty allocation system based on seniority and counselling yardsticks, and a transparent, corruption-free and accurate leave accounting system.

Rajender Kumar Kataria, Managing Director, KSRTC, told Deccan Herald that depots are equipped with a Staff Duty Rota System and a Leave Management Kiosk System, both driven by software, to ensure depot managers work in an efficient, transparent and accountable manner.

 “The system has been developed in such a manner that only 2 per cent discretionary power is given to the depot manager to sanction leave in case of exigencies to avoid favouritism, delay, harassment and corruption. There is no scope for subjectivity or partiality and this has led to better industrial relations,” Kataria said.

There were complaints that the depot managers would sanction leave arbitrarily and would do so only if paid bribe.

The Leave Management Kiosk System will allow employees to apply for leave through the automated electronic kiosk that will capture the bio-metric identification and other data.
With this, the employee need not be at the mercy of top officials to take leave and instead the leave can be registered electronically at the kiosk. This facility will be available to all and will help avoid partiality and corruption.

The Staff Duty Rota will allow the management to allot duties to the crew in a periodic manner for smooth operations at the depot level. The entire system is software driven such that no one can escape allotted work in a week or no one can be exploited as work done would be available on the computer.

The overall objective of automating the depot system is to ensure there is timely running of KSRTC buses and correct scheduling.

“Till recently, depot managers were entering data on the work performance, leave and routine manually, which would take time and eat into their main work, which is to look at how KSRTC schedules are working, what schedules are required, what are not required etc.

Even stocks and stores units have been automated to ensure all data is available. The pressure on the depot manager has come down after automation and helped him focus on scheduling and operations,” said a senior KSRTC official.