The tunes of tomorrow

The tunes of tomorrow
It’s not only the sound compositions that spiral out and resonate with the audience when ‘Mystik Vibes’, an Indian music, cross-cultural ensemble, walks on stage but the bouquet of surprises that unfolds and leaves one awestruck too. Rhythmically complex, mathematically strong and aesthetically appealing; the band packages these three essential qualities of music which can be heard through their exemplary improvisations. And all this despite last-minute preparations and confusion before every concert. Says Muthukumar, the founder and percussionist, “We have all just landed up at the venue and played on the spot at most concerts, but touchwood, have never had a bad one so far. We rarely practise but are grateful that our music turns out well and is loved by the audience.”

It’s not only the explosive chemistry between the four members – Muthukumar, flautist Amith Nadig, keyboardist Aman Mahajan and bassi Mishko M’ba that sets off their creative sparks in various directions but also each one’s deep reverence to their weapons (instruments) on stage. It’s their instruments that sing, literally and otherwise, as it is only through sound and not through vocals that the band has been crossing barriers and defying genres since 2011. And they don’t feel the need for a vocalist even today as Muthukumar confidently says, “There are some harmonies and stories which can be told best only through instruments. It’s a conscious decision for us to keep our band tight as instrumentalists and we will continue to do so until we feel the need to bring in a vocalist.”

One half of ‘Mystik Vibes’ specialises in Indian melodies while the other half, in Western harmonies, and two systems, Muthukumar adds, find a common floor in the impromptu aspect of both systems. “Though Western musicians try to play Indian music in many fusion bands, we wish to keep the divide strict so that we can showcase the unity in diversity; be it at wedding concerts, corporate events or music festivals. Our songs are always a result of four energies synchronising together. One of us gets an idea and the other three add our mood and emotion to it so as to weave out a story.” Their album, ‘The Shadow Tree’, that was launched in 2012, attained a cult status through their poetic play between rhythms, harmonies and melody which instantly connects a listener to the universe. “Fusion bands help in reaching classical notes to masses as classical music still garners a niche, intimate crowd. It also helps in expanding a musician’s horizon and open’s his eyes to the diverse platter of music around the world.”

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