The chosen 'bun'

The chosen 'bun'

Cosy corner

The chosen 'bun'

Bundar’, located on Club Road, 6th block, Koramangala is the new attraction of foodies. The quirky and creatively done up interiors with doodles and cartoons drawn on the walls instantly catches one’s attention.

Elroy, the owner, says, “With the entire concept revolving around bread, the name of the cafe is a pun on the word ‘bun’. Just three weeks old, I don’t see any competition from other restaurants around as the type of food we serve is very different from the others.”
The restaurant specialises in fresh home-made buns and breads, and also serve everything from  ‘pav bhaji’ and ‘vada pavs’ to burgers and hot dogs.

The menu is kept simple in terms of presentation. It is categorised into ‘quick bites’— jalapeno cheese balls, cheesy garlic bread, French fries, ‘samosas’, crispy chicken and sausage feast for a quick start.

They also have the ‘Our Bread’ section which has classic chicken burger, veg burger, all-American cheese burger, ‘heart attack’ (a chicken burger served with loads of bacon and cheese). In the ‘hot dogs’ section, you have classic chicken, chicken and bacon, classic pork and ‘uncle jack’.  The rice variety has ‘chorizo pulav’, ‘kheema’ rice, spicy chicken, ‘palak’ corn rice and ‘paneer makhni’ rice along with beverages and desserts.

You can select a plate of jalapeno cheese balls or  crispy chicken as starters. Also, ask for a plate of ‘pav bhaji’ or a Texas pulled pork burger for the main course. You can’t help but notice the bun for both the dishes are extremely fresh.

If you are one of those who believe that there is always room for desserts, then go for ‘Serradura’, which is an authentic Portuguese dessert or for the ‘Messy Shake’.  

‘Bundar’ is located at 111, Ground Floor, Asha Mansion, 6th Cross, Club Road, Koramangala. For details, call 49652470.