'Will attend procession and Durbar celebrations'

'Will attend procession and Durbar celebrations'

Puttige Mutt seer Sri Sugunendra Theertha Swami said he would attend the procession and the Durbar celebrations on the historic occasion, where the Pejawar seer will ascend the Paryaya Peetha for the fifth time, to honour him with the title ‘Abhinava Sri Sudheendra Theertha’.

Speaking to mediapersons, the Puttige seer said he respects Pejawar seer than any other seers of the eight mutts. He is the living legend and the only one who is creating history by performing the five Paryayas in the 800-year-old legacy of Asta Mutt. Sri Sudheendra Theertha of Puttige Mutt is the only seer who lived 103 years and performed six Paryayas.

However, four among them were performed by the seer and two were performed by his junior (Sugunendra Theertha’s senior Sri Vidyamanya Theertha) under his guidance.

Pejawar seer had honoured the seer Sudheendra Theertha during his 100th birthday celebrations by performing ‘Kanakabhisheka’ and other rituals. This is an appropriate occasion to felicitate Pejawar seer for the cordial bond he shares with Puttige Mutt, the seer said.

Sugunendra Theertha Swami said he has been personally invited by the Pejawar seer  in the Theerthahalli Shaka Mutt. He said the Pejawar seer is the disciple of his senior Sri Vidyamanya Theertha Swami. “The personal invite is sufficient for me to take part in the procession and durbar,” he added.

Asserting that this would be an occasion for all the seers of the Asta Mutt to honour the Pejawar seer, the Puttige seer said all should stand united during the time of celebrations. He said the mutts are the embodiment of Hinduism and all that is needed is the harmony between the seers. He opined the seers of Asta Mutt should exemplify the harmony.

‘Outdated matter’

The issue pertaining to him crossing the seas is an outdated matter and has no relevance, the seer said. He added that it was for the first time in 1992 during his first Paryaya, he himself appealed the seers of all mutts to attend the Paryaya. Until then, all the eight seers would not attend the Durbar.

“It was me who tried to ensure the attendance of all seers of Asta Mutt. There were differences between the Sode Mutt seer and the Krishnapur Mutt seer. I intervened and set it right. I always stood for the unity among seers of eight mutts. The seers also took part in the Lakshadeepothsava in the aftermath”, he said. Stating that the pressure from the followers and disciples has compelled him to attend the procession and Durbar. “The Pejawar seer has personally invited me and I am least worried about the repercussions following my presence in the procession and Durbar,” Puttige seer added.

Pejawar seer reacts

Reacting to the issue, Pejawar seer Vishwesha Theertha Swami said it is true that he had invited the Puttige seer in the Theerthahalli Shaka Mutt. “I told him to coordinate and limit his presence the way he did in the previous Paryaya of Kaniyur Mutt. During the time, he did not attend Durbar, procession and the ceremony at Sarwajna Peeta”. The decision on accepting the honour by the Puttige seer is yet to be taken. I am ignorant over the felicitation by Puttige seer. I have not invited him to the procession, Durbar and to the ceremony that marks the transfer of power. I should discuss the matter with other seers of Asta Mutt. The invite (olipe) has been sent to all mutts,” the Pejawar seer  added.