The potent negative forces

The potent negative forces

Recently, I was reading this rather funny forwarded piece. It seems, in a small town, there would be living a lazy young lad, loathed by everyone around him for his lousy ways and loutish behaviour.

His schoolteacher, a frustrated spinster, being persecuted by her own personal problems, would be having hardly any patience in dealing with this deadly obtuse and obstreperous child.

Once, she'd summon this boy's parents and would tell them their son is such singularly dim-witted that he'd remain so all his life. Feeling pretty mortified, the parents would leave the precincts of the town to proceed towards a big city, presuming city life would perhaps sculpt his personality superbly. Years roll by.

In the meanwhile, the grumpy teacher, having grown more frustrated, would be even more harrying her students. During such times, suddenly one day, she'd discover her heart ailment, which she'd have neglected all through, would manifest itself in its exacerbated version.

With the intent of availing good medical treatment, she'd land at a super-specialty hospital in the same city; the boy would have migrated two decades back. And there, she'd be advised an immediate heart operation, which would be successfully conducted too.

After regaining consciousness, when she'd try opening her eyes, she'd see a personable doctor, smiling amiably at her. But suddenly, her entire body would turn bluish and she'd succumb to death. Anyone reading this would think the doctor would be her yesteryear much detested student.

No! Actually it'd be the ward assistant, who'd be her student and the culprit behind her death. Since, accidentally, he'd have disconnected the electric-cord, connecting her ventilator, to plug in his mobile charger!

Now, one can draw many corollaries after reading this. One is that a nincompoop often remains a nincompoop all his life! Another thing is instead of prickly words by the teacher, if the boy was plied with profuse encouragement, perhaps he'd have tasted profound professional success in his life. Yet another thing is, if at all the boy had taken the negative strokes of criticism as positive stimuli, he sure would have propelled himself in pursuing success everywhere.

The last thing is, more often than not, we are eternally busy, discussing others' problems, ailments, etc, that often we tend to overlook our own matters, needing attention.

If the teacher had monitored her own physical/mental ailment, and effectively tackled them at the initial stages itself, perhaps she'd have survived. Here, we also understand that a frustrated mind/person always has a proclivity to vitiate atmosphere around, to cause unpleasantness and troubles among people around, whereas happy souls seldom create problems to others!

Indeed, the thoughts of frustration could be dangerously consuming and corroding, especially on inner peace levels. If left unchecked, it could certainly create copious problems to oneself and to others around too!