A 360 degree view of diverse, vibrant India

A 360 degree view of diverse, vibrant India

Holistic celebration

In an attempt to showcase the positive side of Indian crafts, food, music and much more, a new initiative called The Great Indian Golchakkar (GIG) is being organised in the capital.

“Here, we are so used to having negative connotations about being in India and cribbing about it. I think it is time to learn the good aspects of modern day India,” says Ambar Walia, partner and show runner, GIG carnival.

Curated by Gourmet Planet as a part of Ministry of Tourism’s Incredible India campaign, the festival will be a “360 degrees panoramic view with a holistic completion of modern India”.

It will showcase a kaleidoscope of pan-Indian sounds with performances by 30 artistes and bands from across the nation including Karsh Kale, Prateek Kuhad, Hamza and Mannu and MIDIval Punditz.

Food will be an integral part of the festival where 40 eateries from Delhi and 21 regional cuisines from the different parts of the country will come under one roof. “Under the section called ‘gol bazaar’, we will try to amalgamate popular foods and dishes from different places with exotic cuisines that are not found in Delhi,” adds Walia.

In addition to this, the festival will also provide a platform to craftsmen to showcase their indigenous crafts. They will also be able to interact with the visitors.

From the traditional natural perfumes of Kannauj, Rogan Art from Gujarat, stone pottery from Meghalaya to jamdani work from Benaras (handloom weaving), silver filligree work from Orissa, mask making from Majuli and leather craft from Puducherry, there will be a host of traditional handicrafts. 

In sharp contrast to these interactive displays, GIG will have a luxury crafts section emphasising on luxurious Made-in-India brands that use traditional methodologies with a modern design aesthetic.

“For the rare crafts, we have got artisans of the last generation working for a particular craft who will showcase their process of making those handicrafts. We want to highlight the process more than anything else,” explains Walia.

With a 360 degree perspective (golchakkar) that allows each to celebrate one’s identity, the festival is an attempt to showcase the ancient culture while focussing on embracing the modern vision with which one lives.

The Great Indian Golchakkar will be held at The Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium from February 5 to February 7 from 12 noon to 10 pm.