Mirroring the digital age

Mirroring the digital age

Mirroring the digital age
It’s been about 35-year since the two fashion enthusiasts Hemant Sagar and Didier Lecoanet came together to bring a new meaning to fashion wear. Over the years, they’ve dressed international film stars and French aristocrats in their fluid silhouettes and haute couture.

Finding inspiration from global trends to Indian styles, Lecoanet-Hemant launched a daily wear collection called ‘Genes’. Talking about the line, Hemant says, “We wanted to create something that would have a global touch to it but be comfortable for the Indian body to wear. It’s a collection that’s inspired from India’s transition into the digital age and how it’s influenced the global fashion today.” He further goes on to explain how the design has a mix of traditional and international look to it and it’s been designed to fit the proportion of the Indian body.

Born to an Indian father and German mother, Hemant spent most of his childhood in Delhi and went to study design and dressmaking in Germany. He then started his career in fashion as an apprentice in Germany, and then went to Paris to join École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, where he also met his business partner, Didier.

Together, they’ve created some amazing masterpieces with a sculptural lace top and an asymmetric dress inspired by the urban skyline for the elegant, independent woman that she can wear effortlessly all day.

When asked what his thinks will be the upcoming trend for this year, he says, “One can look out for flared skirts, droopy bows, lots of lace and black and white graphics. We’re bringing back some great details from the 60s and 70s.” One of the other interesting design that is to hit the streets is the ‘Chudidar Trousers’. He says, “It’s going to be made of wool and wouldn’t have the huge cuts like the regular designs. The idea is to create a slim ‘chudidar’ that one can easily wear and feel stylish at the same time.”

Hemant also strongly believes that every evolving time has its own characteristics and we should apply it to our daily lives to understand fashion with it. “Fashion changes over time. Sari, for example, is something that’s evolved so much over the years that it’s become a timeless wear. So whether we like it or not, things are going to change and that’s why we should also adapt and be aware of the changes in order to be happy,” he says. He also believes that the passing away of singer David Bowie is going to take the fashion industry by storm.

And what are some of his pet peeves? “I don’t think anyone should follow fashion advices blindly. They must know what to take in according to their body type,” he shares.

So if he ended up being stuck on an island, what would he do? He laughs and immediately asks if there’s Wi-Fi. He adds, “If there’s no Wi-Fi at the island, then I can’t take my phone with me. So I wouldn’t take anything with me but create my own fashion with the things available on the island.”