Passion at its core

Passion at its core

Dazzling display

Passion at its core

Former minister for medical education and science and technology Nafees Fazal launched her ‘Jewellery Studio-Private Collection by Nafees Fazal’ at Cunningham Road.

Fully designed and curated by Nafees herself, the studio showcases fine silver and gold jewellery with precious stones like Zambian emeralds, rubies, champagne diamonds and uncut diamonds.

There is also an array of semi-precious stones like garnets, amethysts, yellow topaz, blue topaz and aquamarines put together in a variety of ornaments.

“Politics is my passion but I have taken a sabbatical for a while and I am indulging myself in my hobby which is jewellery. I have sourced the jewellery from Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad and some from South India as well. While some pieces remain as it is, some have been customised. I will be inviting different designers every few months to showcase their collections too,” said Nafees.

On the occasion of the launch, jewellery designer Bharathi Raviprakash, owner of Studio Tara — a jewellery design and production house in Chennai — also introduced her collection at the studio.

“I have these gem-studded pieces; some are big and bold while there are others that are small but distinctive. All of them are set in gold with precious gemstones like rubies, corals, jade, sapphires and diamonds.

There are bangles, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings and more for the Bengaluru audience to choose from. The stones are all custom cut according to the design. That’s how I’ve achieved a certain sense of boldness and uniqueness in my pieces,” said Bharathi, a graduate of GIA, London.

She added, “Each one is an exclusive piece. Some are custom designs that have been created after conferring with clients and some others are born from ideas that have struck me while travelling. They are eclectic, fun and whimsical!”

An exclusive preview of the wide range of designs available at the studio is on till 8 pm today. The studio is located at No. 73/1, Cunningham Road, next to Le Meridien service gate.