Weaving fantasy and reality

Weaving fantasy and reality

Weaving fantasy and reality

Her piercing eyes, far-reaching vision and  aura have swept her fans off their feet. But it’s the versatility of Chloe Moretz’s career that sets her aside in the world of child prodigies. This teenage feminist and fashionista has always showcased mastery be it as the girl-next-door or as an action hero.

  ‘The 5th Wave’ too is no different wherein she plays dazzling Cassie, a teenager caught in an awful world and fights to save her brother from the aliens. Directed by J Blakeson and based on Rick Yancey’s popular novel, ‘The 5th Wave’ inextricably weaves in the importance of love and companionship in a plot full of sci-fi and mystery.

Chloe recalls her role with bubbling enthusiasm. “I loved playing Cassie and could completely relate to my role. My family has always been my support system and the sibling bond that is portrayed in the movie is what I share with my real brothers too. We would do anything to save each other. Despite all the violence and guns in the film, the central theme is family as an institution. I think it’s a positive film. I was drawn to this aspect when I read the book as well.”

Cassie Sullivan tries to survive in a world devastated by alien invasion, which has destroyed the Earth's population and brought humanity back to the Stone Age.

   One of the planet's last survivors after her father was killed, Cassie tries to save her younger brother Sam from a training camp established by the aliens. An international trailer for the film was released on Sony Pictures’.

Chloe, a gifted teenager who walked the red carpet when other kids were busy with their school-work, shrugs off the pressure and expectations that ride on child actors as positive pressure and a kind of push that motivates her to take up bigger and challenging roles.

It’s quite a surprise when the Hollywood actress, who spiralled to success after ‘500 Days Of Summer’ reveals that she was required to play it plain and not look too co-ordinated for the movie.

So scenes like running through thick forests to find her brother can leave the audience perplexed. In many ways, Chloe also breaks the norm of gender roles and gender stereotypes and these issues are close to her heart as she has always been vocal about them.

   Often outspoken about equal opportunities for women and the need to bring about women-centric roles in Hollywood, Chloe is happy to see a few female directors making waves in the industry.

“Though there are more women-centric roles, women protagonists and female directors coming up, I think there is a need for gender-neutral roles. As a kid, I have always believed movies are reflective of society and stood for diversity in films because that is how our world is made up. By the end of the month, Chloe will start shooting for ‘The Little Mermaid’ in which she will play Ariel. One might just spot her in red hair.

 And any plans of coming to India? “I would love to come there! I have heard
so much about entertainment and Bollywood, though I have never watched any movies.
I really like Priyanka Chopra.”