'Unity of backward castes will eradicate casteism'

'Unity of backward castes will eradicate casteism'

Rohith death is a great loss to the nation, says Bhagawan

Professor K S Bhagawan said, casteism can be easily eradicated if all the people, belonging to backward classes, come together.

After inaugurating ‘Vycharika Kidi’, a programme organised to condemn the death of V Rohith and a session on ‘Condition of Dalit, Backward, Minority students in Universities’,  at the Humanities Auditorium in Manasagangothri on Thursday, Bhagawan said, casteism was extremely dangerous to the society. The session was organised by Dalit Vidyarthi Okkutta (DVO).

“To be a good leader, one should have a broad mindset and he must be beyond caste and community. Education and knowledge play key roles to oppose the wrong policies in the society. One should be brave enough to oppose the evils in the society. If one has knowledge, none can shake you. B R Ambedkar was alone, but he survived only because of his knowledge,” he added.

Bhagawan said, “We need Bhima Rajya instead of Rama Rajya. Rama has not contributed anything towards the poor people or farmers. He donated gold coins to priests during his coronation. Rama also suspected his wife Sita’s conduct, twice. During his rule, there were no property rights for women. So, the nation needs leaders like Buddha, Basavanna and Ambedkar,” he said.

“Rohith would have become a great national leader. He was a brilliant and a knowledgeable student. His death was a planned murder. If Rohith himself could not survive, the situation is grave for others like him. At any point of time, no one, including farmers, should take the extreme step of killing themselves,” said Bhagawan.

“Rohith is among the few people who became popular at a young age. Rohith should remain as a role model for students and youngsters. Mahatma Gandhi liberated the country from the British, but Periyar liberated Indians from Brahmanism. To know more about Gandhi and his thoughts, one should read the book ‘What Mr Gandhi and Congress have done to untouchables,” he said.