Desserts and more!

Desserts and more!

Desserts and more!

Baking seems to be a passion for many in Bengaluru. While some realise this early in their lives, quite a few acknowledge the fact after they quit their corporate careers or start baking just to pass their time.

However, Alisha K Bhatt, 24, had always been enthusiastic about baking and
preparing desserts since her childhood. The young girl pursued a course in hotel management at Presidency College of Hotel Management in the City and gave shape to her culinary skills with ‘Alystar Desserts’, a home venture that she started in June last year with her mother Lubna Bhatt.

“I loved seeing the expression of delight on the faces of my friends and relatives when they would savour the sweet treats prepared by me. It would give me immense pleasure and satisfaction. That’s when I thought of spreading the joy around through my own little venture,” says Alisha. She adds that she likes to keep her recipes simple and decorate her creations with style while serving everything from her heart.

Her mother Lubna has observed the changes in the tastes of people here and she emphasises that they cater to all sorts of people — from those who crave customised cakes to those who want strictly vegetarian products and also extend to diabetics who prefer sugarfree options and vegans with special requirements.

“We whip up a variety of cakes, chocolates, cookies, pies and mousses using the purest ingredients and healthiest options, without compromising on the flavour,” she states.

One can find a wide range at Alystar. From chocolate, vanilla, dry fruit and fresh fruit cakes to the more exotic Oreo, Nutella and fresh fruit cheese cakes, there is much to choose
from. They make fresh fruit pies and chocolate mousse as well. And if one doesn’t like the plain cakes, there are butter cream, ganache and basic fondant icings to add more splendour to it. “One may not want to leave their pet out of the celebration so we have little doggie treats too!” smiles Alisha.

She even stresses that they encourage their customers to not hesitate to talk about their gifting plans and do their best to make it a reality. “We offer classic gift boxes and bags for gifting our exotic homemade Swiss chocolates and other things,” adds Alisha.

The response for the duo’s hard work has been encouraging as they together say, “It makes us really happy when people come back to us. The growth by word-of-mouth makes us feel we’re treading in the right direction. We look forward to growing further and seeing more satisfied customers.”