Next odd-even dates out today

Next odd-even dates out today

Next odd-even dates out today

The Arvind Kejriwal government will announce on Thursday the dates for a second round of the odd-even road rationing scheme whose success is being highlighted by the AAP regime in the run-up to its first anniversary on February 14.

Sources said the round two of the green initiative, which resulted in reduced congestion on roads, is likely to be implemented again in May-June after the school board exams get over.

Transport Minister Gopal Rai said Kejrial will announce a formal date for the second round of the odd-even on the basis of the 11 lakh responses received from the public over the past few days.

There was never any doubt about a rerun of the road rationing scheme. On the last day of the January 1-15 campaign, Rai had announced the government’s resolve to repeat it.

Rai tweeted on Wednesday that a report based on the 11 lakh public responses was being prepared and a decision on the scheme’s decision on the future of odd-even tomorrow. The public feedback report is being prepared. Over 1.5 lakh cars were added to the city’s roads this financial year along with 3.5 lakh bikes and scooters, taking the number of total registered vehicles whopping 88.27 lakh, as per Delhi Statistical Hand Book 2015 released by the city government.

Under the road rationing scheme vehicle with odd numbered registration numbers ran on alternate days with even numbered ones. Sundays were free days for both.

During surveys on the rerun of the green scheme, AAP MLAs over the past few days held corner meetings and collected public views on whether they want the odd-even scheme to be implemented again.

Supporting the green initiative, Madhav Pai of EMBARQ, a group that works in the field of urban mobility, said the reduction in congestion due to odd-even should be valued. 

“Congestion also causes pollution and it affects the lower middle class more who are directly exposed to criteria pollutants like oxides of nitrogen, sulphur dioxide and black carbon,” Pai said.