Long wait for trains to ITO Metro stns, commuters ask for better frequency

Long wait for trains to ITO Metro stns, commuters ask for better frequency

Metro commuters are complaining of low frequency of trains heading towards ITO during peak hours. They say the screen boards at the Central Secretariat station do not show the information of the trains approaching the platform adding to their woes.

“We keep waiting at the Central Secretariat station with no information on the screen boards whether the train is going to Mandi House or ITO station,” said Kriti Sharma, a private firm employee. “Even if we take the Metro we have to get down at Mandi House station and wait for another 10 to 15 minutes to board a train to ITO station,” she added.

Usually it takes around 10 minutes to reach ITO from Central Secretariat station. “But we end up wasting half an hour or so to reach our destination,” said Kunal Kaushik, who works at ITO.

The low frequency of Metro trains heading towards ITO makes the matter worse, say passengers.

“We get many trains heading to Mandi House from Central Secretariat but the frequency is really low towards ITO station. With the new time restrictions it becomes a challenge to make it in time,” said Uphaar Malik, who boards the Metro from Lajpat Nagar.

According to the revised timings to stay on the Metro premises, one can stay on the network for minimum of 65 minutes up to Rs 18 journey, and if the journey costs Rs 23, a passenger can stay till 100 minutes. The maximum time allowed to stay on the DMRC network is 180 minutes for journey involving over Rs 23.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation said that it has not been running alternate frequency for Badarpur/Faridabad and ITO as the footfall on the latter station is low.

“The DMRC runs three trains towards Badarpur and one towards ITO as the ridership is not that high during non-peak hours. During peak hours the DMRC runs two trains towards Badarpur/Faridabad then one towards ITO,” said an official with the DMRC.

Commuters of the Violent Line, Badarpur/Faridabad to ITO station, have been waiting for all six-coach trains. “The Violet Line receives a substantial number of ridership so why can’t it have all six-coach trains. The line gets few six-coach trains,” said Rekha Kanojia, who takes Metro from Moolchand station daily.