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Last Updated 17 February 2016, 18:27 IST
Dear Sir,
I’m a student from Bengaluru,  currently studying in 12th grade. I want to take up BSc after this and do masters in the field neuroscience and go into research. But people at home want me to take either engineering or medicine, which I don’t want.They are worried because the subject has no scope and they sometimes make me feel like it is the worst decision I’m making.

So I want to make sure if the choice I’m making is right. I would also like to know the  know the job opportunities and some preferred universities for UG. If there are other alternatives I’d like to know about  them as well. Please do help me with this.

Padmini Subramanya

Dear Padmini,

It is unfortunate that many people base their projections of ‘scope’ on what was happening in the past, whereas change is taking place so rapidly that situations that existed earlier are not relevant at all. In your generation, the most successful people will be those who take risks, select upcoming fields, and ensure that they have the aptitude and deep interest in that career.

Neuroscience selectively offers very meaningful and satisfying work for someone who is passionate about it. Most good courses in Neurosciences are at the PG level, open to life-science graduates. Few selected institutions do offer under-graduate courses also. Look up the following:

KLE University, Belgaum,
NIMHANS, Bangalore,
Chettinad Research Institute, Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu,
National Brain Research Centre, Manesar, Haryana,

Dear Sir,

I am doing 1st year engineering in EC, but I have always wanted to do a career in army or any defence department of our country. I know NDA is not for women, but can you please tell me if there is a way a women can join the Indian defence department?

It could be army, navy or airforce. Please tell me if there is a way to get into defence after completing my engineering.


Dear student

It is good to see your desire to serve the country and to build up your own personality as a defence officer. The military is steadily opening its doors to girls in different branches, and all entries are only after graduation.

Lady engineers are selected for Short Service Commission initially for 5 years which can extend to 14 years and now some of them are even being granted permanent commission. Recently, the Air Chief announced that Indian Air Force will also select girls as Fighter Pilots. Many ladies are already excelling as officers in administration, logistics, education, legal, supplies and other branches.

However, the selection criteria is very tough, and only a candidate who goes through written, verbal, medical and physical tests can hope to be selected. Get all the details about joining the defence from and

Dear Sir,
I wanted to do Aeronautical Engineering but my CET ranking was in thirty thousands, so I could not get into the stream I wanted. Now, I’m doing my second year in BSc Computer Science.

I thought of doing  masters in physics and I have also ‘googled’ streams in physics for masters. However, I later realised that my interests are in applied science, although I have taken pure science.

I have no idea how to proceed further in my education. I have also thought of writing GRE and TOEFL. Please suggest what to take up in masters so that it fits in the gap of aeronautics or is very close to applied physics.


Dear Pallavi,

I do feel bad that you have been exploring so many different options and are confused between aeronautics, computer science, pure science and applied physics. This is a very wide range, and such thoughts will confuse you further. It is important that you make up your mind and pursue only one stream, even if you have to struggle initially.

Please set your long term goals first based on your interest, personality traits and your aptitude (which is your ability to build necessary skills to succeed in that field). Then decide what higher studies to take up. It is not difficult to move from pure science to applied sciences through your higher education, but your decision should be made based on your aptitude and abilities.

If you are unable to determine your aptitude with the help of your elders, then go in for an aptitude testing process. You can look up details in
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