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Last Updated 18 February 2016, 18:40 IST

Sandalwood actor Rakshit Shetty is known for his roles in ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’, ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’ and even his latest movie ‘Ricky’ that has grabbed much attention.

Pushing himself beyond being an actor, he has also directed movies and now Rakshit has taken a step forward by starting a production house — ‘Paramvah Studios’.

Ask him about the name and he says that he made short films under this banner before entering the industry. “The banner wasn’t registered then.  As for the meaning, ‘param’ means first and ‘vah’ means vibration. This is another word for ‘Om’. Myth has it that the first vibration ever came from Shiva’s ‘dhamru’, which means that it was the first form of sound that was heard. After this, the universe started forming and Shiva started dancing, which was the first artform ever seen,” narrates Rakshit. “Irrespective of this being true or not, I like such stories, thus the name,” he adds.

The production house aims to create a platform for writers. “Other than the movie, my team and I intend to provide writers training and send them for workshops across the country. We believe that good films are made by good writers. A strong script determines the success of a project,” says Rakshit.

He says that this is a way to tap fresh talent and provide them a space to grow and use their skills well. “We will be announcing auditions for the writers soon wherein they will have to write in to us on a particular theme and when we find interesting talent, we will make sure that it is used well,” he says.

Though Rakshit may be young in the industry, he strongly believes that this venture is meant for the growth of talent around him and within him.

“I want the venture to evolve with me. I badly need good writers and strong themes to work on.” He says that his venture aims to start off with ‘Kirik Party’. “As the name suggests, ‘Kirik’ means ‘someone who gets into trouble often’. This film is about a guy who likes falling into trouble and is based in an engineering college” he explains. Inspired from his own engineering college days, Rakshit says that the script will include a lot of incidents that happened with him and his friends.

Narrating an incident from his college days, Rakshit says that there was one ‘Holi’ night when him and his friends from third year of engineering sneaked into a girls’ hostel through an opening from outside the compound that they had found long back.

“We got immensely jealous that they were going to have a party that night. We sneaked in and joined them at the party and started dancing there. They were really confused! The news spread and finally our principal reached the hostel,” says Rakshit, adding, “We only left after we were assured that there would be no action taken against us.” He adds that this incident and many others like this would be included in the film.

Portraying the main role in the film, Rakshit says that ‘Kirik Party’ is meant for the masses. “I have been working on this script since the last five years and it has been modified many times during this period.” He is excited that his friend Rishab Shetty will be working with him in the film.

“We share a chemistry like no one else. We have worked on different projects together and share a great rapport. He knows exactly what I want and I’m excited that he will be directing the movie,” Rakshit winds up.

(Published 18 February 2016, 15:43 IST)

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