Uniting musical souls

Uniting musical souls

Progressive metal

Uniting musical souls

In 2008, a group of four friends decided to put their love for music together and form a band. They got together to produce music and even released an album within a couple of years. This won them some fans and they have been soaring high since then.

‘Eccentric Pendulum’ currently has Kaushal LS as the vocalist, Ankit Suryakanth and Arjun Mulky as the guitarists, Vibhas Venkatram on the drums and Arun Natarajan as the bassist. However, Ankit and Kaushal are one of the recent members of the band. “We’ve had a few people on the team who have left to pursue their higher studies, but we’re happy with the new members as they still help keep the consistency of what we as a band want to produce,” explains Arjun.

The members of the band found their claim when they took part in the ‘Bangalore Open Air’ competition that was exclusively for metal fans. They toured around Europe twice for big shows including the ‘Waken Open Air’ and ‘SWR Festival’. Talking about the trip, they say, “It was a great experience as we met a lot of new people and other music lovers. We learnt a lot from the international crowd and how they like their music to be played. This gave us a better understanding of how we can improve ourselves as well.”

Each member has or is a part of the another band in the City. They say that this has helped them come together and produce the kind of progressive metal music that they want to put out to their audience. While keeping progressive metal as their prime focus, the band also creates music exploiting polyrhythms and tempo changes resulting in an unconventional music concoction.

They’ve won the ‘Best Metal Album’, ‘Best Metal Bassist’ and ‘Best Metal Drummer’ at the Rolling Stone Metal Awards 2012 and also for the ‘Best Drummer’ at the Jack Daniels’ Rock Awards 2012.

Talking about the EPs that they have released, they say, “In the year 2009, we released our debut EP called ‘The Sculptor of Negative Emotions’ and in 2010, we released one called ‘Winding the Optics’. We are currently working on our brand new single with a new lineup that’s titled ‘Resisting Another Equation’. We’re all quite excited about the release of that.”

When the members are not busy creating musical numbers, they are busy with their day jobs. Arjun says, “We are all working in some creative field or the other, so that keeps us busy. But we don’t perform live as much as want to. It’s about 15 shows a year. We’re hoping that the release of the new album, we would be able to increase that as well.”

The members of ‘Eccentric Pendulum’ are not only eager to play live but are also exploring new sounds to bring their audience together. Discussing the music scene in the City, they say, “Progressive metal is still not as popular here as we want it to be. But there are a few who like the kind of music that we make and we hope to connect with more in the future. But because we have been in this field for a while now, we’re happy to say that we get the recognition we need.”