Eschew worries on spiritual path

Eschew worries on spiritual path

Instead of worrying about matters great and small, the spiritual seeker should learn the inestimable value of time because it is verily time that is the greatest teacher. What does a seeker receive from a Sadguru?

The answer is what the seeker receives in eternity. The sincere seeker should deposit his worries at the lotus feet of the Sadguru and concentrate his energies on living in the present.

Sri Babuji of Sri Kali Gardens Ashram often said: “Your horoscope is with Me. Do not worry. Since you have surrendered to Me, I shall take care of your present and future. You should understand that you are answerable for your past deeds. There is no escape from that. The arrow has been released and it is targeting you. But by the Grace of the Sadguru, you will be saved from any great harm. What would have been a disaster would be minimised to a minor rupture.”

According to Babuji: “We have a lot to learn from time. Just as time remains unaffected either by heat or coolness, by loss or gain, by day or night, by sorrow or happiness, so also man has to be spiritually trained to face the ordeals of life with patience and remain unaffected by the dualities of life. A spiritual seeker should utilize time to attain divinity which keeps him always new and happy. The attainment of divinity offers a person eternal bliss. Time treats all alike and gives equal opportunity to one and all whether you are a scientist or an economist, whether you are an emperor or a beggar. Time distributes only twenty-four hours a day for all.”

“Time is a special bank. It credits your account each day with twenty four hours. Every evening you lose the balance, if you fail to use it during the day. You can gain interest by utilising it. If you fail to use the day’s deposits, the loss is yours. There is no going back. Every minute is precious and you have to use it to attain eternal bliss. Time is freely available but it is precious.”

“Finally, time is a great teacher who tells you nothing is yours. You cannot own time but you can use it and spend it. Time is a companion for us in the journey of life. A thing that does not change with time is sweet and such divine memories of the past we have to cherish. For they make a fine cushion in old age. Time is the best teacher that teaches us patience. So we have to realise that yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”